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The mystery room door in a hallway.

The mystery room is one of the events and locations in Baldi's Basics Plus.



When the event occurs, the description shows up, telling the player to find the mystery room since it just appeared.

In the hallways, one or two mystery doors will appear. The door(s) will connect to the mystery room which is completely pitch-black with only posters and windows visible. It contains a random item that is considered rarer than normal, such as a Dangerous Teleporter, An Apple for Baldi, or a Grappling Hook.

A Grappling Hook in the mystery room.

A Dangerous Teleporter in the mystery room.

While in the mystery room, none of the NPCs can enter the room, unless using a BSODA to push them in. However, there is a chance that Baldi or Principal of the Thing may open the door when Baldi hears the sound that the player makes when opening it, he sees them entering the room or the Principal chases the player breaking the school rules. If the player gets too close to the door in that case, other characters can interact with them.

The door(s) will disappear when 90 to 120 seconds pass. The player can remain inside of the room as long as they like after the door(s) disappear, but will not be able to re-enter it once they leave.

Endless Mode - Medium
MysteryRoom Endless Medium.png

The mystery room always contains An Apple for Baldi and there are two lamps attached to the ceiling.


  • Sometimes, the mystery room can be seen through the windows in the Principal's office or faculty room, even if the event is not active.
  • The flood in the mystery room viewed from the Principal's office.

    When the flood event occurs, the water can be seen inside the mystery room if the room can be seen through a window.
  • In some instances, the mystery room can contain lockers.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.3, the event lasted from 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Rarely, Arts and Crafters can teleport the player to the mystery room without the mystery room event starting.
    • The player could also be teleported to the mystery room via whirlpools during the flood event even when the mystery room event is inactive.
  • 2022-03-08 (5).png
    If the player buys the advanced map from Johnny's Store and the floor has a possibility of spawning a mystery room, the location of the mystery room would still appear on the map even if the door to this room has not appeared yet.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Rarely, the player can see the black texture when starting a level.
    • If the player moves the camera, the black texture will disappear.
  • A mystery room with tiny holes below the door.

    Sometimes, there can be tiny holes below the wall.
Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo
  • Prior to V1.1, the characters would get locked inside the mystery room when entering. It could be used to trap Baldi inside, allowing the player to freely complete the level.