A mystery room has appeared! Find it before it disappears!
— In-game screen text.

The Mystery Room is one of the events and locations in Baldi's Basics.


When the event occurs, the description tells the Player to find the Mystery Room since it just appeared.

In one of the hallways, a green door may appear with question marks on it and the inscription "Mystery Room!". The door will connect to the room that is completely pitch-black with only posters and windows visible. It contains a random item, usually something considered rarer, such as a Dangerous Teleporter, An Apple for Baldi, or a Grappling Hook.

The room will disappear when the event expires after 30 seconds or a minute. The Player can remain inside of the room as long as they'd like after the door has disappeared, but will not be able to re-enter it once they leave.


  • Mystery Room was first introduced in the Kickstarter exclusive demo.
  • When the event's time expires while the Player is still inside the location, the back door texture turns into a class type.
  • When the flood event occurs, the water can be seen inside the Mystery Room if it is in plain sight.
  • Sometimes the room can still be seen through a window even if the event isn't active.


  • Prior to V1.1, the characters will get locked inside the Mystery Room when entering. It can be used to trap Baldi inside.
  • Sometimes, Arts and Crafters can teleport to the mystery room without the mystery room event starting. It is a very rare bug.



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