Just in time!
— Mrs. Pomp

Mrs. Pomp is the Super Schoolhouse's second teacher from Baldi's Basics Plus.


Mrs. Pomp is a poorly 3D-modeled character with a human head attached to a red high heeled shoe as her body. She has a blonde pompadour at the very top of her head, hence the name Mrs. Pomp, with wild spring-shaped curls coming out the sides. Her face sports blushing rosy cheeks, red lips, and odd-looking purple/brown eyes (revealed as shockingly hyperrealistic in her HD render).

When angered, her face gets heavily distorted, with a total of six spring hair curls sticking out in all directions. She is also added with shading effects that make her look a lot darker than usual.

Based on the height of Baldi's ruler, Mrs. Pomp is a little taller than Beans.


Like Baldi, Mrs. Pomp usually has a calm, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky mood at first as she hops around the school cheerfully. Despite this, she has a much disturbingly negative side, releasing her rage when her instructions are not followed, by stomping around, screaming and berating violently over her students' tardiness.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay


Mrs. Pomp in the hallway.

Mrs. Pomp will be seen hopping in the halls. When Mrs. Pomp sees the Player, she will run towards them and tell them to meet her at her classroom unless the Faculty Nametag is in action. However, if a BSODA is used on her, Gotta Sweep sweeps her or the Player away, or if being fast enough while she is running towards the Player, she will seemingly forget about them and continue randomly wandering around the school. The Faculty Nametag can be used to prevent Mrs. Pomp from inviting the Player to her class.
Mrs. Pomp Classroom

Mrs. Pomp's classroom seen on the map screen.

She will then make her way to her classroom, and if the map is opened her icon can be seen hopping in this classroom, making sure the Player knows exactly where it is. The Player will be given a timer for 4 minutes (2 minutes in the Grapple Challenge), and told to be at the classroom by the time the timer runs out. Remain cautious that there are many characters who can hinder the Player's progress while following Mrs. Pomp to the classroom:

  • Principal of the Thing - Sends the Player to detention in the Principal's Office. If the office is located far away from Mrs. Pomp's classroom, it puts the Player at more risk.
  • Beans - Spits a gumball to slow the Player's speed down.
  • Playtime - Makes the Player play jump rope. If the Player doesn't have the Safety Scissors, the Player will be at risk when time is almost up.
  • Gotta Sweep - Could sweep the Player into an area far away from Mrs. Pomp's classroom, putting the Player in danger of being late to her class or being swept into Baldi.
  • It's a Bully - If the Player doesn't have any items left, he might block them and have to go another way which might take longer and if they're unlucky, it might take longer on that route to get to the class before the time is up and/or Baldi will corner them as he will give them a Game Over.
  • Chalkles - If the Player doesn't manage to get out of the classroom, Chalkles will lock the Player in the room for 15 seconds and can be a great threat if the time is almost up.

Another obstacle to be cautious of are the coin doors, which require a Quarter to unlock and often open up a much quicker way to Mrs. Pomp's classroom.

Another obstacle that can hinder or boost the Player's progress are the whirlpools, as it could teleport you farther away or closer to Mrs. Pomp's classroom.

The Player will earn 100 You Thought Points if they make it to class in time, and Mrs. Pomp will resume wandering around the halls until the Player gets caught by Baldi or completes the floor.

However, if the Player isn't at her class in time, she will wait until the next time they enter a room (including but not limited to her own classroom), and make her way very quickly to stand outside the exit of that room. Then, when the Player opens the door to exit the room, Mrs. Pomp will make them unable to move and begin screaming at them. If the Player isn't already in Mrs. Pomp's classroom, she will pick them up and take them back to her classroom, leaving the Player in a massive threat to being caught by Baldi while this is happening. Once the Player is in her classroom, she will proceed to stomp around the room and scream for about 15 seconds. It's also possible that Chalkles will spawn while the Player isn't able to move, alerting Baldi, and forcing the Player to waste more time before they can leave, unless they have the Principal's Keys, the Portal Poster, or the Dangerous Teleporter. Then she will end the class, resuming her normal behavior until a later point in the game.

As the Player is frozen in the classroom during Mrs. Pomp's outburst, there are few items to use for escaping the room:

  • Dangerous Teleporter - Teleports the Player out of the room.
  • Grappling Hook - As it can be used to quickly get the Player moving again, it is commonly useful for the Grapple Challenge.


  • In the Grapple Challenge, Mrs. Pomp gives the Player 2 minutes to get to her classroom, probably due to the fact that the Player can use the Grappling Hook to get to her class faster.


  • Mrs. Pomp has a number of unused dialogue files, where she was originally intended to randomly give the Player more than just 4 minutes.
  • She is the second female canon character in the Baldi's Basics series. The first female canon character is Playtime.
  • She has less hair on the right side of her head, than on the left side.
  • She is also the fourth character not to be voiced by mystman12, instead, being voiced by Cady McGonigal. The first character is 1st Prize (voiced by Dr. Sbaitso), the second character is Chalkles (its voice provider is still unknown), the third character is Beans (voiced by Padre Snowmizzle).
  • Her eyes is probably photographed mystman12's eyes, because he has brown eyes too.
  • Although she's named "Mrs. Pomp", who she's married to is currently unknown.
  • In the game's asset files, she is referred to as "NoL". This stands for "NoLateTeacher", according to the scripts.
  • Her office poster claims she invites students to her class, even though the Player is the only one that is invited.
  • Before Mrs. Pomp was implemented, mystman12 got jump-scared by her when she was slowly rendering due to her shadows on. Her render then popped on the screen at once.[1]
  • Mrs. Pomp is unable to move through Cloudy Copter's wind, as she will constantly stomp in the same spot while caught in it.
  • When Mrs. Pomp aggressively chases to a room the Player is in, she does not appear until the Player opens the door she is outside of. This is because Mrs. Pomp is not the source of the rapid stomping sound.
  • When Mrs. Pomp screams at the Player for being late at her class, it has an echoing effect, as if she was screaming in an abandoned tunnel.
  • There is a picture of an HD render of her leaked from mystman12's Twitter,[2] possibly meaning a redesign.


Quote Subtitles Description
NoL YouThere-sharedassets4.assets-456
You there! When Mrs. Pomp spots the Player.
NoL RemindingYou-sharedassets3.assets-433
Just reminding you to be at my class in When Mrs. Pomp meets the Player for the first time.
NoL Nums 4-sharedassets3.assets-390
NoL Nums 3-sharedassets3.assets-437
NoL Nums 2-sharedassets3.assets-430
NoL Nums 1-sharedassets3.assets-444
NoL Nums 0-sharedassets3.assets-417
4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Mrs. Pomp announcing the time for the Player to be at her class.
NoL Minutes-sharedassets3.assets-405
minutes. Mrs. Pomp announcing the time for the Player to be at her class.
NoL CheckMap-sharedassets3.assets-461
Check your map to see where my class is. Mrs. Pomp telling the Player to check the map.
NoL MinutesLeft-sharedassets3.assets-462
minutes left. Mrs. Pomp announcing the time left for the Player to be at her class.
NoL TimesUp-sharedassets3.assets-434
Time's up... Mrs. Pomp announcing the time is over.
NoL JustInTime-sharedassets3.assets-429
Just in time! When the Player successfully reaches Mrs. Pomp in the allotted time.
NoL Scream-sharedassets3.assets-463
WHYYYYYYY WEREN'T YOU AT MY CLAAAAAAASSS?!?!?! When the Player is late at her class.

WARNING: LOUD! For loud template

NoL ClassDismissed-sharedassets3.assets-476
Class dismissed! Once Mrs. Pomp has completed her class. (When the Player reaches her and Mrs. Pomp leaves the classroom.)

Sound Subtitles Description
CartoonKnock Trimmed-sharedassets3.assets-428
*STOMP* Mrs. Pomp's walking sound.

Quote Transcript Description
NoL Nums 5-sharedassets3.assets-475
NoL Nums 6-sharedassets3.assets-479
NoL Nums 7-sharedassets3.assets-427
NoL Nums 8-sharedassets3.assets-452
NoL Nums 9-sharedassets3.assets-426
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Mrs. Pomp counting from 5 to 9.


Baldi's Basics Plus Early Access


  1. "Well an awful new character design was rendering, but it was really slow because I had shadows on. Anim8or was open on my second monitor. Now, instead of the render preview gradually filling from the bottom of the screen, the whole thing just popped on screen at once." - mystman12. March 12, 2020. Twitter
  2. "With all these #Nintendo #leaks happening, it makes me wonder... Can I leak my own content? Let's try it and see what happens! COUGH" - mysman12. July 24, 2020. Twitter




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