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Check your map to see where my class is.
— Mrs. Pomp

Mrs. Pomp is the Super Schoolhouse's second teacher from Baldi's Basics Plus.


Mrs. Pomp is a poorly 3D-modeled character with a human head attached to a red high-heeled shoe as her body. She has blonde pompadour hair at the very top of her head, hence the name Mrs. Pomp, with spring-shaped curls coming out of the sides. Her face sports blushing rosy cheeks, red lips, and odd-looking purple/brown eyes (revealed as shockingly hyper-realistic in her HD render).

When angered, her face gets heavily distorted, with a total of six spring hair curls sticking out in all directions. She is also added with shading effects that make her look a lot darker than usual.


Like Baldi, Mrs. Pomp usually has a calm and enthusiastic mood at first as she hops around the school cheerfully. Despite this, she has a much more disturbing side, releasing her rage when her instructions are not followed, by stomping around, screaming, and berating violently over her students' tardiness.

Artificial intelligence

Mrs. Pomp in the hallway.

Mrs. Pomp will be seen hopping in the halls. When Mrs. Pomp sees the player, she will run towards them and tell them to meet her at her classroom unless the Faculty Nametag is in action. However, if she sees the player, but is not in the same hallway as the player or they are entering a blue locker, she will seemingly forget about them and continue randomly wandering around the school until she spots the player again. While she reminds the player, all characters and game environment (Test procedure's countdown timer, flood effect, and so on) will stop for 3 seconds. This mechanism is similar to The Test when the player is looking at him while he has full body, but unlike Mrs. Pomp, he can only stop characters, but not game enviornment.

Mrs. Pomp's classroom seen on the quick map.

Ditto, but on the advanced map screen.

After reminding the player, she will wait for 5 seconds, then run to her classroom. If the map is opened, her icon can be seen hopping rapidly in her classroom, and it shows the time left, making sure the player knows exactly where she is. The player will be given 2 minutes to get to the classroom.

The player has to remain cautious because all characters can hinder the player's progress while following Mrs. Pomp to the classroom:

  • Baldi - As he is the one and only character to cause a game over, he can prevent the player from taking the quickest route to Mrs. Pomp's classroom as the player cannot come in contact with him without An Apple for Baldi or else they will lose a life.
  • Playtime - Makes the player play jump rope. If the player does not have the Safety Scissors, they will be at risk when time is running out.
  • Arts and Crafters - Can teleport the player away from her classroom if they collected all the notebooks. Ironically, he could also teleport them either closer to or inside her classroom.
  • It's a Bully - If the player does not have any items left, he might block them and have to go another way which might take longer and if they are unlucky, it might take longer on that route to get to the class before the time is up and/or Baldi corners them and gives them a game over.
  • Principal of the Thing - Sends the player to detention in his office if they are caught breaking the school rules. If the office is located far away from Mrs. Pomp's classroom, it puts the player at more risk.
  • 1st Prize - Can push the player to Mrs. Pomp's classroom, but can also push them to the opposite direction of the way they need to go.
  • Gotta Sweep - Like 1st Prize, he can sweep the player into an area far away from Mrs. Pomp's classroom, putting the player in danger of being late to her class or being swept into Baldi. However, he can also sweep the player closer to or inside her classroom.
  • Cloudy Copter - Slows the player down if the wind is against them, making him a hindrance. However, he can also be helpful by blowing wind in favor of the player to speed them up.
  • Chalkles - If the player does not manage to get out of the classroom in 15 seconds, Chalkles will lock them in the room for 15 seconds and can be a great threat if the time is almost up.
  • Beans - Spits a gumball to slow down the player.
  • The Test - If the player got blinded by him, it is hard to see characters or structures from a long distance. This makes navigating her classroom harder. On the other hand, The Test can freeze Mrs. Pomp's timer while the player is looking at him.

There are also some obstacles to be wary of when heading to the classroom:

  • Coin doors - May block the player's quickest path to the classroom. If the player does not have a Quarter in their inventory, they must find another (and maybe longer) path to the classroom.
  • One-way swinging doors - If the player is on the wrong side, it may be a risk to the player when time is almost up.
  • Conveyor belts - It either speeds up or slows down the player depending on the direction of the conveyor belt.
  • Lockdown doors and roto-halls - Block the player's path. A button needs to be pressed instead of using a Quarter to pass.
  • Whirlpools - Can teleport the player closer to Mrs. Pomp's classroom but also further away.

Reaching Mrs. Pomp's class in time.

The player will earn 100 You Thought Points if they make it to class in time and Mrs. Pomp will resume wandering around the halls for two minutes before she can invite the player to another class.

However, if the player is late to her class, she will wait until the next time the player enters a room (including but not limited to her own classroom), and go there very quickly to stand outside the exit of that room. Then, when the player opens the door to exit the room, Mrs. Pomp will begin screaming at them. If the player is not already in Mrs. Pomp's classroom, she will pick them up and take them back to her classroom, leaving the player in a massive threat to being caught by Baldi while this is happening. The player can escape from Mrs. Pomp by using BSODA to push her or entering a blue locker, but she will go toward them quickly even if they are out of sight as she always knows the player's location while trying to pick them up.

Once the player is in her classroom, she will proceed to stomp around the room and "teach" them for 15 seconds. Right after entering the room, the door will immediately be closed and the player cannot open any door until Mrs. Pomp finishes the class. If Chalkles is in her classroom, he will spawn right before class ends, alerting Baldi and forcing the player to waste more time if they did not leave the classroom.

After Mrs. Pomp's timer runs out, if the player opens the door in any room or enters her classroom, Baldi will be attracted and he will go toward the center of her classroom. This attraction can overwrite almost all sounds because her noise value is the second highest of all (at 126) along with the buzzing noise from Baldi's Math Machine. Even if Baldi heads to the classroom where the buzzing noise occurs, he will immediately change the direction to Mrs. Pomp's classroom once she makes a noise unless he sees the player.

If the player is late to Mrs. Pomp's class and they hide in the mystery room, Mrs. Pomp will go to the mystery room. However, if the player opens the mystery door after the event is over, she will not pick them up, but try to wait until the player enters another room.

As the player is trapped in the classroom during Mrs. Pomp's outburst, there are a few items to use for escaping the room:

  • Principal's Keys - It can be used to open one of the locked doors.
  • Dangerous Teleporter - Teleports the player out of the room.
  • Portal Poster - Connects to any location. However, Baldi can see the player through the portal and try to catch them by passing through it.

While Big Ol' Boots is in effect, even if Mrs. Pomp drags around the player, they can freely move. However, she will slow them down while coming in contact with them. The Dirty Chalk Eraser item is useful to hide from Baldi attracted by Mrs. Pomp after entering her classroom.

Mrs. Pomp can open any locked standard door that she comes in contact with, so it can be used to escape the location if the door is locked by NPCs including Mrs. Pomp herself. Other characters just pass through the locked door and do not open it.


  • She is the second female canon character in the Baldi's Basics series, with the first being Playtime.
  • She is the fourth character out of the five characters not to be voiced by mystman12, instead being voiced by Cady McGonigal. The first character is 1st Prize (voiced by Dr. Sbaitso), the second character is Chalkles (his voice provider is still unknown), the third character is Beans (voiced by Padre Snowmizzle), and the fifth character is Johnny (also voiced by Cady McGonigal)
  • She has less hair on the right side of her head than on the left side.
  • Before Mrs. Pomp was implemented, mystman12 got jump-scared by her when she was slowly rendering due to her shadows on. Her render then popped on the screen at once.[1]
    • mystman12 also finds her the scariest character. He says that while testing Baldi's Basics Plus, he freaks out a little bit when Mrs. Pomp spots the player and starts running towards them.[2]
  • Mrs. Pomp's HD render leaked on mystman12's Twitter.

    There is a picture of an HD render of her that was leaked from mystman12's Twitter,[3] possibly meaning a redesign or prototype. Her shoe looks different than the current design.
  • Although she is named "Mrs. Pomp", who she is married to is currently unknown.
  • Mrs. Pomp is the only human-like character that does not have any limbs.
  • Mrs. Pomp's screaming face was made by EbSynth.[4]

Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Mrs. Pomp has a number of unused dialogue files, where she was originally intended to give the player more time to join her classroom.
  • In the game's asset files, she is referred to as "NoL". This stands for "NoLateTeacher", according to the scripts.
  • Her office poster claims she invites students to her class, even though the player is the only one who is invited.
  • If Mrs. Pomp is moving in the opposite direction of Cloudy Copter's wind, she is unable to move through it as she will constantly stomp in the same spot while caught in the wind.
  • Mrs. Pomp's classroom could be a classroom that the player has already been to or a classroom that the player hasn't been to.
  • Invisible Mrs. Pomp caught in Beans' bubble gum.

    When Mrs. Pomp aggressively chases to a room the player is in, she does not appear until the player opens the door she is outside of. This is because Mrs. Pomp is invisible while she makes the rapid stomping sound.
  • When Mrs. Pomp screams at the player for being late at her class, it has an echoing effect, as if she was screaming in an abandoned tunnel.
  • Mrs. Pomp stops moving if there is no way to go to her classroom.
  • If the player escapes from Mrs. Pomp who tries to drag around them, she will move back and forth between her classroom and their location. If the player is located too far away from her classroom, she will turn back to their location while she is heading to her classroom.
  • Prior to V0.1.2, there was no quote when Mrs. Pomp spotted the player.
  • Prior to the V0.3 update, her timer was 4 minutes in all modes, except for the Grapple Challenge.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, she could make the player unable to move while they were in her classroom after she got angry. The Grappling Hook was useful to quickly get the player moving again.
  • There were some differences prior to V0.3.4:
    • After Mrs. Pomp told the player to come to her classroom, she would walk, instead of running back to her classroom. Also, she would go toward her classroom right after she reminded the player.
    • The player would freeze instead of being slowed down while being dragged by her.
    • Mrs. Pomp would only remind the player once in a round.
    • Mrs. Pomp could not open any locked standard door, so she just passed through it.
    • Her captions would last longer. The stomping sound's caption lasted for about 0.6 seconds, but in V0.3.4, it only lasts for 0.3 seconds.
    • She would teleport the player and herself to the center of her classroom, if they entered the blue locker or stuck somewhere while being dragged around for more than 10 seconds.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, Mrs. Pomp would only freeze the player while she told them about her class.


  • In V0.3.2, when Mrs. Pomp started to walk toward her classroom, she briefly walked the opposite direction before entering.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, if Principal of the Thing sent the player to detention right after they opened a door while in any room and Mrs. Pomp did not catch the player before they got detention, they cannot move until Baldi catches them or the player quits the game. This is because Mrs. Pomp would freeze the player after they opened any door to the hallway, but they could only move after she dragged around them to her classroom.
  • Since V0.3.3, if The Test is in the player's sight while Mrs. Pomp tries to pick the player up to her classroom, they will be stuck until The Test is out of their sight or he blinds them. Another way to escape this situation is using a Grappling Hook, but it will pull toward the surface a few seconds later after it hits the surface.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, the game would soft-lock when the player is in Mrs. Pomp's classroom while she tells them to join her class.
  • In V0.3.5, if the player opened an advanced map or paused the game, then resumed the game while Mrs. Pomp told them about her class, she would be freezed. Even if the player entered her classroom, no You Thought Points was given and her timer was still left.
  • Prior to V0.3.6, when the timer was shown on the player's screen, it would still be shown when using the advanced map.


Quote Caption Description
You there! When Mrs. Pomp spots the player.
Just reminding you to be at my class in When Mrs. Pomp meets and reminds the player.
2 Mrs. Pomp announcing the time for the player to be at her class.
Check your map to see where my class is. Mrs. Pomp telling the player to check the map.
minutes left. Mrs. Pomp announcing the time left for the player to be at her class.
Just in time! When the player successfully reaches Mrs. Pomp in the allotted time.
Time's up... Mrs. Pomp announcing the time is over.
WHYYYYYYY WEREN'T YOU AT MY CLAAAAAAASSS?!?!?! When the player is late to her class.


Class dismissed! Once Mrs. Pomp has finished her class.
Sound Caption Description
*STOMP* Mrs. Pomp's stomping sound. The color of the caption is white instead of yellow.
Quote Caption Description
3 Mrs. Pomp announcing the time for the player to be at her class.


Baldi's Basics Plus



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