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A list of various 3D models in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Like sprites, 3D models are used for certain structures or for decoration. However, unlike sprites and textures, models are three dimensional, meaning they have depth.


There are several structures in the form of 3D models.


Schoolhouse Models


Different types of furniture are found in Classrooms, Faculty Rooms, the Principal's Office, the Cafeteria and the Playground. Their purpose is for decoration and sometimes obstacles.

Name Found in Image
Chair Classrooms
"Student Table" Classrooms
"Teacher Table" Classrooms, Faculty Rooms, Principal's Office.
"Lunch Table" Faculty Rooms (rarely), the Cafeteria, the Playground
"Conference Table" Faculty Rooms
Conference Table Render

Special Room Exclusives

There are two exclusive 3D models in the Playground: The merry-go-round and the basketball hoop.

Field Trip Models

There is only one 3D model in the camping field trip. There are models of logs used for the camping seats and as firewood for the campfire.


  • The "conference table" was firstly implemented in the first version of Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • The "conference table"'s texture is also used as a ceiling.
  • The furnitures in the Super Schoolhouse (excluding the "conference table") seems to be smaller and the textures are not overstuffed like in the original Schoolhouse.
  • The basketball hoops are missing in the current version of the full game.
  • Prior to V0.1.3, trees in the Playground are invisible in pre-generated levels. However, they still have collision.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Before V1.2, the chairs were floating above the ground.
  • Before V1.4, the furnitures were not textured.


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