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The official icon for the Baldi's Basics online store.

The official logo for Basically, Games! Merch Store.

All known official merchandise products related to the Baldi's Basics series found in the online store, first launched on November 22, 2018. mystman12 said that he was going to bring even better merch.[1] Some toys have also recently been spotted at certain public stores.

On March 31, 2021, new merchandise items were available in Basically, Games! Merchandise Store, including T-shirts designed by four artists.[2]


Product Price
Buttons $9.99
Stickers $7.99
Face Masks $14.99


Product Price
T-Shirt $18.99 ~ $25.99
Hoodies $35.99 ~ $44.99


Product Price
Mugs $19.99
Wall Art $16.99 ~ $19.99


Product Price
Action Figures $16.99
Mini Figures $6.99
Beanie Plush $16.99
Collector Clips $6.99
Collectible Figures $14.99


  1. "in the coming months, and I'll be sure to take your feedback into account to bring stuff that you guys would like to have." - mystman12. November 27, 2018. Twitter
  2. "Did you catch the 3-year anniversary presentation? If not, here's a recap! New merch is now available on the new Basically Games store! … With brand new T-shirt designs by the following artists: @HarveyB_Arts, @Meowthiroth, @PadreSnowmizzle, and @L_higeki!" - Basically, Games!. March 31, 2021. Twitter