A list of unseen characters that were only mentioned in Baldi's Basics Plus but never make a physical appearance anywhere with absolutely no major information or details about them.


Player's friend


The Player's friend mentioned in the "HOW TO PLAY" screen.

Oh Noes! School is out, but your friend has a problem!
— "HOW TO PLAY" story screen.

Mentioned in the "HOW TO PLAY" story screen from Baldi's Basics Classic, the unnamed friend of the Player has lost his notebooks in the Schoolhouse but does not have enough time to get them while heading for "eating pracitce" otherwise he will be late. Instead, he asked the Player to reclaim the notebooks for him.

Player's parents

Your parents will hear about this one!
— Principal of the Thing
When the Player receives detention, the parents of the Player are only mentioned once by Principal of the Thing as saying that he will discuss about the Player's school rule violation with them.



Doug mentioned on the chalkboard.

Doug, dab again and pay.
— Chalkboard

Doug, a member who attends the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse, is mentioned in one of the chalkboards. The chalkboard threatens Doug if he dabs, then he will "pay". It is unknown if he is either a student or a school staff member.

Unnamed manager/student

Chk solongjerkivehadenoughofyourhorriblemanagementihaventseenmyfamilyinthreedaysimleaving-sharedassets3.assets-109

The chalkboard written by an unseen person.

So long, jerk. I've had enough of your horrible management. I haven't seen my family in three days. I'm leaving.
— The chalkboard file name.

There is a chalkboard written with "EVERYONE GETS DETENTION!!! I QUIT" in one of the classrooms. Revealed in the chalkboard texture's file name, it is a quote by some unnamed character who, based on the chalkboard's written message, turns out to criticize Principal of the Thing's poor management for consistently bringing students to detention, and decided to leave the school since they have not seen their family for days. Alternatively, this character is themself a former principal, and this message is announcing their final action of sending everyone to detention.

It is not confirmed if the character themselves is a school employee or one of the students.

Unnamed student (Chalkles)

Pri chalk-sharedassets3.assets-147-0

The unseen student mentioned in Chalkles' description.

Some kid drew this face and next thing you know it's floating around, laughing and making mischief.
— Chalkles' description in the Principal's Office.

The unnamed student is a creator of Chalkles and one of the unidentified students. They appear to have some sort of reality-bending power, as they managed to create a living chalk drawing.

Johnny's parents

My parents would have been so proud that I made a sale!
— Johnny
If the Player selects an item in Johnny's Store, Johnny has a chance to say the quote that mentions his parents. Since he refers to them in the past tense, it is unknown if they are still alive.

Unnamed student (Tape)

This tape was carefully designed by a student to effectively make Baldi deaf as long as it plays.
— The description of Baldi's Least Favorite Tape in Johnny's Store.
There is another unnamed student who designed Baldi's Least Favorite Tape.




The Player

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