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The quick map when used.

The advanced map when used.

The map is a mechanic command for Baldi's Basics Plus, used to find items, look for locations and notebooks, look out for obstacles, or when feeling lost.

To reveal the quick map, press and hold the "Quick map" action key (Tab by default). To show the advanced map, press the "Advanced Map" action on the keyboard (M by default). This will show a You Can Think Pad with a full map to look around. Pressing the "Strafe right/left" (D and A by default) action keys will scroll the map horizontally and the "Move forward/backward" (W and S by default) action keys will scroll it vertically. Pressing "Q" will zoom out the map and pressing "E" will zoom in the map. These controls can be changed on the control mapper, but the controls for zooming in and out of the advanced map cannot be changed.

A fully-filled map in Johnny's Store.

The map will only be filled when the player accesses a new location except in Challenge Mode and when buying a fully-filled map in Johnny's Store.





Note: Maps for Hide-and-Seek, Explorer Mode, and the Random option in Endless Mode are generated randomly.

Super Schoolhouse

Endless Mode - Medium
Endless mode Medium Map.png
Stealthy Challenge
Stealthy Challenge Map.png
Speedy Challenge
Speedy Challenge Map.png
Grapple Challenge
Grapple Challenge Map.png

Field Trip demo: Camping
Note: This map is unofficial, since there is no map feature in Field Trip demo.
Field Trip Demo Map.png
Full Game Early Demo
Note: Full Game Early Demo does not have any map icons in the game.
Early Demo Map.png

Other Schoolhouse maps

Note: These maps are unofficial, since there is no map feature in Classic/Birthday Bash.
Glitched school
Glitched School Map.png


  • Although absent in Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash, and Field Trip demo: Camping, the map command is first teased in the Development Build footage, and later first became available in the Full Game Early Demo, but without the icons.
  • mystman12 firstly planned in the Kickstarter comments section to get the player to be able to buy a full map from the shop and also scroll around the map to zoom out and see details to the map to find items and obstacles easily.[1]
    • The item and notebook icons are later implemented in the first version of Kickstarter Exclusive Demo and Johnny's Store was added in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2.
  • The player's icon was first teased in footage of mystman12 working on the full map from Twitter.[2]
    • The icons and the full map command that are shown on the You Can Think Pad were implemented in Kickstarter Exclusive Demo V1.2.
  • The map is generated with the level generator for random levels and with the level editor for pre-made levels.
  • Although there were no map commands for field trips, the player could still display a map command for the Super Schoolhouse during the field trip in Hide-and-Seek and Explorer Mode. Since V0.3, the map feature no longer works in field trips.
  • Items that spawn when the party event starts or in an outdoor area upon completing a field trip do not have their icons on the map.

    The player icon shown on the map.

  • While playing jump rope with Playtime, the quick map feature does not work.
  • Currently, the player, Principal of the Thing and Mrs. Pomp are the only characters who have their own icon on the map.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, color of the map lines of the windows depended on the location it is in.


  • The advanced map in Endless Mode - Medium, prior to V0.3.3.

    Prior to V0.3.3, the advanced map's background was transparent in Endless Mode - Medium and the challenges.
    • However, before V0.1.2, the background was black in the Stealthy and Grapple Challenges.
  • The advanced map background became gray based on the fog event effect. This was fixed in V0.1.2, but occurred again in V0.2 to V0.3.4.
  • Prior to V0.1.2, in the Stealthy and Grapple Challenges, the advanced map was lacking a You Can Think Pad layout texture.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, in Endless Mode - Medium, there was a duplicate player icon that stays on where the player starts on the map. In addition, some item icons were missing.
  • 2022-03-05 (6).png
    Sometimes, even though a room has two items in one room, the map shows only one item icon.



  1. "I will be making some improvements to the map for sure. I plan on adding a full map screen along with the current quick map, where you'll be able to scroll around and zoom out. I also plan to add more detail to the map overall, so you can see details such as where items are located, which rooms are cleared, where obstacles are, etc. As for revealing maps, the areas you've revealed in a level will remain revealed on repeated attempts at a level until you get a game over (The whole life system I'm considering is still up in the air, but that's where my mind's at right now), you'll be able to buy complete maps for levels in the shop, and I also just came up with an item that will help player's more quickly fill out their maps." - mystman12. September 19, 2019. Kickstarter comments section
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