Check your map to see where my class is!

The map when used.

The map is a mechanic command for Baldi's Basics, used when finding items, looking out for characters, or necessary when feeling like losing out of track. Holding down the "Tab" key will reveal the map layout pop-up. Clicking the "M" key on the keyboard will pause the game and bring up a full map to look around on. It will fill out the more for the Player to explore.





Note: Maps for the full game and the Kickstarter exclusive demo are completely generated randomly.

Classic Edition Map

Field Trip Demo Map

Map for Glitched School only. The normal school uses same layout as Baldi's Basics Classic.

Birthday Bash Map

Public Demo Map


  • Although absent in Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics: Field Trip, the map command is first teased in the development build footage, and later first became available in the public demo.
    • In the public demo, the icons are missing. The item and notebook icons are later implemented in the first version of the Kickstarter exclusive demo.
  • The Player's icon was firstly teased in the footage of mystman12 working on the full map,[1] and then was implemented in the Kickstarter exclusive demo's V1.2 update.
  • Principal of the Thing's icon was firstly implemented in the challenges demo, however it is only used in the Stealthy Challenge.
  • According to mystman12's reply for the full game plan in the Kickstarter comments section, the Player will be able to scroll around the map to zoom out and see details to the map to find items and obstacles easily. Additionally, the Player will be able to buy a full map of the school in the shop and there will be an item to help them to reveal the map more quickly.[2]
  • The public demo's map was generated with the random level generator, instead of being hand-made with quads and planes.



  1. "Working on the full map screen for #BaldisBasics! #ScreenshotSaturday" - mystman12. February 22, 2020. Twitter
  2. "I will be making some improvements to the map for sure. I plan on adding a full map screen along with the current quick map, where you'll be able to scroll around and zoom out. I also plan to add more detail to the map overall, so you can see details such as where items are located, which rooms are cleared, where obstacles are, etc. As for revealing maps, the areas you've revealed in a level will remain revealed on repeated attempts at a level until you get a game over (The whole life system I'm considering is still up in the air, but that's where my mind's at right now), you'll be able to buy complete maps for levels in the shop, and I also just came up with an item that will help player's more quickly fill out their maps." - mystman12. September 19, 2019. Kickstarter comments section


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