The mailbox comic is a Baldimore comic created by mystman12. It was drawn far before the development of Baldi's Basics Classic.[1]

In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the comic can be found attaching to the wall from the darker hallway zone.

In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, it is seen next to the hallway that leads to the Roto-Hall.

In Grapple Challenge, there are two mailbox comics, one in the hallway that lead to a dead-end and one in the playground.

Note that in Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo and Baldi's Basics Plus, the comic is generated randomly and can be found anywhere. (except in the Challenges).


Baldi breaks the fourth wall by telling the reader about the mailbox and how he opens it, by using his teeth.



  • Baldi: Ladies and gentlemen.


  • Baldi: As you can see... This is a mailbox.


  • Baldi: [places his hand on the mailbox] I shall open it!


  • Baldi: [bites the mailbox] With my teeth!


  • The comic was featured in mystman12's deleted "BaldiComic" Twitter profile.[2]
  • This comic has some misspelled words like "gentalmen" instead of "gentlemen" and "wit" instead of "with".


Classic/Birthday Bash


  1. "The weird hand-drawn poster and the comic were created beforehand." - Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning by mystman12 for Meta Game Jam |
  2. "strips to it, one of which was the mailbox comic used in Baldis Basics! Other than getting a few hundred impressions, none of the tweets got any attention. I realized it was a kind of dumb idea anyways since, at the time, Baldi was pretty much just an inside joke that no one..." - mystman12. March 22, 2018. Twitter


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