No looking in other people's lockers in the halls!
— Principal of the Thing

The lockers are interactive structures in Baldi's Basics Plus that can be randomly found almost everywhere in the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse.


Red Lockers

The red lockers are the most common types. However, none of these can be interacted with, as if they were locked.

Blue Lockers

The blue (although cyan) colored lockers can be opened, used for hiding from Baldi and other characters. However, when they are opened, they make a sound, so Baldi will know which locker the Player hides in[1] unless the Pay Phone or Alarm Clock is used or inputting Baldi's Least Favorite Tape to the Tape Player. Hiding in these kind of lockers also count as looking in other people's lockers which means the Player can also get detention if Principal of the Thing sees the Player coming out of this locker.

The Player can use items while hiding.

When WD-NoSquee is applied on the blue locker, the Player can open and close that locker without making a sound. The item's effect lasts for three times of opening the locker.


  • When the Player hides in a locker and exiting the locker while Playtime chases them, her position would reset.
  • It is possible to look back in the blue locker.
  • Hiding in the nearest blue locker from the start of the floor while Baldi remains passive will immediately make Baldi begin his chase sooner.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.4, the lockers seem as though they are upside down.
  • Baldi can notice the Player hidden in the blue locker even if Baldi does not see them, because the locker keep making a "sound" and Baldi hears it. As a result, he finds the locker the Player hides in, unless WD-NoSquee is applied to that locker.[2][3]
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash, and Full Game Early Demo, the blue lockers were not added, so there was no way to hide.
  • During the development of the classic edition, mystman12 first planned to have all of the lockers opened with possible items inside. The audio for the Principal of the Thing's quote calling out when seeing the Player using the lockers is first found in the game files. Despite the simple mechanism, this feature is scrapped because mystman12 thought that clicking on every single locker can be very tedious. The interactive lockers in different colors are later first featured in the Kickstarter exclusive demo. However, while the blue locker is featured, another different colored locker containing possible items has yet to be added for Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • There are a total of 235.5 lockers in the original Schoolhouse. 194 lockers are found in the hallways throughout the school, while other 41.5 lockers are found in the Faculty Room with the Zesty Bar machine.
    • Glitch lockers

      Glitched lockers in one of the Faculty Rooms.

      Observing the lockers in the Faculty Room with Zesty Bar machine carefully, these appears to be a rather odd, glitchy set of 2 lockers, near the back-left corner of the room. These lockers overlap each other in a way that takes up the space of one and a half lockers, in total. Depending on the angle the Player looks at these lockers, they'll either see a complete door to the left that overlaps half of another locker, or a complete door to the right that overlaps half of another locker. mystman12 probably did this to not cover the chalkboard contained inside the room.


  • Sometimes when looking through windows, the lockers can be seen from their back. It happens because lockers don't have sprite from that position.
  • Lockers can be overlapped with the swinging doors.
  • By quitting a round while in a blue locker and playing a new round and going in another blue locker, the game becomes a noclip state. This stays until exiting the game. While in this state, none of the characters see or interact with the Player, some structures like conveyor belts and elevators do not work, the sound is still heard in the Library and the Player can go through the wall and explore the outside of the school. This was fixed in V0.1.5.
  • Prior to V0.1.5, when the Player hides in a nearby blue locker while playing with Playtime, the minigame does not end. And after finishes playing, they will "exit" the locker (the texture of being inside the locker does not disappear).
    • For now, when entering the locker, Playtime shows her sad sprite, says "Oh! That makes me sad!" and cancels the minigame.
  • Prior to V0.1.5, stamina cannot be generated in the blue locker.
Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo
  • The Player can still get in the lockers through the wall.
  • Prior to V1.1, the random event starting while the Player is hiding in a locker will cause the event's description text to permanently stay.
  • Hiding and exiting the locker while being blown by Cloudy Copter will duplicate the Player's blowing speed and all the wind movement would not disappear when the Player gets out until the wind disappears.
Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo
  • In the Grapple Challenge, the blue locker can be used to prevent Baldi from spawning by using the Grappling Hook on the locker (if it is close enough to the starting elevator) and spamming the interact key (left-click by default). The blue locker close to the starting elevator has been removed and replaced by a red one in V1.1.


Audio Description
SFX Doors Locker-sharedassets3.assets-408
The blue locker when used.



  2. "Technically what happens is, when you're in the locker, the "sound" is being sent to Baldi over and over again and it won't stop until you leave. So even if you distract him with an alarm clock or something, he'll eventually head back to the locker." - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub
  3. Q: "not sure if this is a bug, but if i go into a locker, Baldi will find me, and just will stay in front and wait for me to get out. is this intended behavior?" / A: "Yes, this is intended behavior! The locker is useful against many characters, but Baldi isn't one of them!" - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub




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