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Locations are places in the Baldi's Basics series that are used to identify a point or an area from elsewhere.


Earth, the world of the Baldi's Basics series, as seen in the Thank You! video.

The entire universe of the Baldi's Basics series takes place in a poorly-modeled, low-poly planet Earth from a void-like galaxy, as seen in the "Thank You!" video.


Super Schoolhouse

Main article: Super Schoolhouse

The Super Schoolhouse is an educational building and primary setting of Baldi's Basics Plus where the player and others attend.

Common locations: Classrooms, faculty rooms, hallways, and the Principal's office.

Special locations: Cafeteria, Gotta Sweep's closet, library, outdoor area, mystery room, and the playground.

Hidden locations: Baldi's Office and debug room.


Main article: Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse is the original and smaller version of the Super Schoolhouse found exclusively in Baldi's Basics Classic, Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, and Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered. It only has one floor and 9 rooms in total. The only locations are: Classrooms, exits, faculty rooms, hallways, Principal's office, cafeteria, Gotta Sweep's closet, outdoor areas, and Baldi's Office.

Field trip locations


Field trips are set outside of the Super Schoolhouse. The locations include:

  • Forest, where the camping field trip takes place.
  • Corn field, where the farm field trip takes place.

Hidden areas


TestRoom is the only location that is located outside of the Schoolhouse in the Baldi's Basics series' universe. It can be accessed by typing 31718 in the You Can Think Pad in the classic Schoolhouse.