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UpcomingIcon.png Did you hear that? This article refers to an upcoming content that has yet to be implemented. The content may be changed over time based on the progress.

Lights-out is one of the random events that will be added in Baldi's Basics Plus.


When this event happens, some of the lights will be turned out, which will make it harder for the player to know if Baldi is right behind them.


The hallway in Baldi's Basics Classic that introduces this concept.

The lights out event as seen in the Baldi's Basics Plus early access trailer.

  • This event was first revealed in the game's Kickstarter description,[1] and was introduced in Baldi's Basics Classic in one of the hallways in update V1.4 as a concept.
  • The event is not included in any demo nor the current version of Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • The Test's blindness effect could be similar to the lights-out event.
  • In the Baldi's Basics Plus early access trailer, a more finalized version of the lights out event can be seen due to the inclusion of the new lighting system.[2]
  • It was possible that this event would be added to update V0.2, but the Gravity Chaos event was added rather. Instead, it might be included in a future update.
    • It is possible that due to the similarity to The Test's blinding ability that this event will not be implemented, but this seems to be unlikely.
  • mystman12 confirmed that the lights-out idea is going to be reworked.[3]


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