The Library is one of the Super Schoolhouse' special locations in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The Library resembles a labyrinth with bookcases of assorted books as thin walls. The middle contains a large open area, similar to the corn maze. Inside it, the Player can find a few items, such as WD-No Squee, Safety Scissors and Faculty Nametag. A few locations can also generate in this room, like Faculty Rooms, the Janitor's Closet and classrooms, meaning that entering this room is completely optional.


Main Gameplay

Inside this room, all sounds, music, and voices will be muted. Opening the swinging door to the Library will not make a sound and thus does not directly give Baldi an indication, unless the Player is in his sight.

When Baldi is in this room, his slapping sound will also not be heard, similar to the Broken Ruler event. No jumpscare sound is heard when Baldi fully contacts the Player.

The Library starts to appear on the second floor.

Other Appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, this is the demo where the Library is first introduced, but with no lighting affect. Throughout the demo and the full game, the Library is one of the six available special locations in the Super Schoolhouse.


  • The Library was first mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign description.[1]
  • Before the V1.2 update of the Kickstarter exclusive demo, the Library's map color was usually black, it was changed to white in order to be visible on the advanced map's black background.
  • Texture of the bookcase is rescaled.
  • There is typically at least one dark area in the Library.
  • If the Player enters a room connected to the Library, they can still hear sounds.
  • This is one of 2 special rooms where chunks are revealed separately on the map (not counting the big area) with the other being the Janitor's Closet.



  1. "Advanced level design! Along with randomly generated levels comes special structures to mix up gameplay. These can vary from simple, one-way doors to entire rooms with special properties (like a library where no sound can be made or heard). New special structures will help ensure each map feels unique." - Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - Full game! by Micah McGonigal - Kickstarter



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