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For the system that randomly generates levels, see Level generator.
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The level editor is a tool that mystman12 created to help himself create levels more easily and update existing pre-generated ones in Baldi's Basics Plus and Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered.


According to the Baldi's Basics 3 Year Anniversary Presentation! video, it will allow the user to add chunks, objects and so on, then save the data based on the created level design and reload it to play the level. This would work similar to level generator.

This system was first implemented in V0.3.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus for Endless Mode's Medium option and challenge maps to fix the bug where the levels have old textures and sounds.[1]


  • There is a chance that this feature will be made publicly available, once the development of Baldi's Basics Plus is finished.[2]


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