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The Level Generator generates the levels in Baldi's Basics Plus.


  1. The level generator chooses a seed to start working with.
  2. It creates the border surrounding the map.
  3. It generates a special room.
  4. The generator starts off by generating some plots to create rooms in and deletes some hallway spots to generate different halls.
  5. It generates the halls surrounding the plots.
  6. It deletes the plots and the border.
  7. It adds unique/different hallways to random spots in either other hallways or deleted hallway spots.
  8. It generates the rooms where the plots used to be.
  9. It generates the walls and door.
  10. It selects a random texture to put on the walls, floor, and ceiling and adds the textures onto the planes (floors, walls, ceiling).
  11. It gets the masks ready.
  12. It adds some swinging doors, windows and decorations.
  13. It sets spawn points for all the characters but only selects a few characters for the specific seed and floor.
  14. It creates the NavMesh (Basically, that's where characters can move towards. Without it, characters cannot move.) and adds the Player.



  • The level generator generates faculty doors incorrectly with a faculty door outside and from inside the room its a classroom door (unless the door connects to another Faculty Room).
  • There needs to be some optimizations done to the generator, since it takes around 5-30 seconds to generate before the 'Play' button shows up. It typically takes a lot longer, or just as long to generate mazes too.
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