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For the character, see Johnny.

Welcome to my store!
— Johnny

Johnny's Store is a 3D-modeled location found before starting a floor of the Super Schoolhouse.


Johnny's Store has a multi-colored wallpaper. There is a white item shelf where each item can be stored along with a map fill item to fully fill the map of the upcoming floor and a "suspend" hammer to expel a character stored on top. Next to this is a green word bubble with some kind of discount written in it that says "deals and also steals!". Next to the item shelf is a blue and navy table. On the table, there is a Baldi bobble head and a green counter with a red border around the screen that will show the amount of You Thought Points the player currently has. A blue-shirted man with shaggy hair named Johnny, is the shopkeeper. The navy part of the table is where each item's descriptions will be shown.


The purpose of Johnny's Store is to allow the player to buy items and special favors with their You Thought Points. When the player either fails or completes a level while they, at the very least, have You Thought Points, the player has to decide to go the store or continue to the current floor the player is on. When the player buys items while their inventory has less than five items, then the items will be immediately located on the inventory. However, when the inventory is full, the item will be located on the counter when purchased. The player can left-click to grab an item on the counter, then drag and drop it on their inventory to exchange an item in the counter for one in the inventory.

When clicking the "Back" button while there is at least one item left on the counter, the chalkboard will pop up. It has an exit confirmation dialogue that says "Are you ready to leave? The items left on the counter will be lost!" implying that the player will discard the items that are not in their inventory. There are two options: "I'm ready!" and "Not yet!". If the player clicks "I'm ready!", they will return to the elevator, but if they click "Not yet!", they will stay in the store.



Name Price (YTPs) Description
BSODA 100 Open a can of fizzed up BSODA and spray away anyone who's trying to get in your way! Ingredients: Blue, high fructose corn syrup, electricity, and 2% or less of: Water, blue 2.
Energy Flavored Zesty Bar 50 Eat one of these and get a boost of energy! Fills up your stamina more than you can just by taking a rest!
Swinging Door Lock 100 Place this on any swinging door to lock it for a few seconds, preventing anyone from coming through. Keep in mind that people can still see through locked swinging doors!
Alarm Clock 50 Set this clock up and when it goes off, Baldi will want to check it out! Unless he sees you of course, he's not *that* stupid.
Principal's Keys 50 Break all the rules you want with the Principal's Keys! Use them to open any locked door, even ones that haven't been locked by Principal of the Thing!
Quarter 25 A shiny quarter! Useful for anything that requires a shiny quarter!
WD-NoSquee 75 Tired of noises giving your location away? WD-NoSquee can solve your problems! Spray it on a door or a locker to make it silent. Baldi can't hear silent!
Safety Scissors 50 Slice through anything* with these high-end safety Scissors!
*Actually, these are the dullest scissors ever made and can only cut through jumpropes, bubble gum, and cheap wires.
Dangerous Teleporter 100 Use this and there's no telling where you'll end up! It could take you to safety or certain doom! Now that's what I call fun!
Dirty Chalk Eraser 75 Create a cloud of chalk dust and block off the sight of Baldi and his freinds. Stand inside to hide, or use it to sneak past characters without them seeing you.
Portal Poster 150 If there's a room on the other side, place this on the wall to get through. A super technology invented by Baldi himself!
Principal Whistle* 75 Need instant justice? Blow this whistle and Principal of the Thing will come to your aid as quickly as he can!
Faculty Nametag 50 Experience what's it's like to work in Baldi's Super Schoolhouse! When you have this on, no one will bother you! Well, except for Baldi, he knows a fake nametag when he sees one.
Baldi's Least Favorite Tape 50 This tape was carefully designed by a student to effectively make Baldi deaf as long as it plays. If you can hear the tone, you can make all the noise you want, worry free!
Big Ol' Boots 50 These big ol' boots will help you keep your feet on the ground! Prevents you from getting pushed by characters and obstacles found around the school.
Grappling Hook 200 Fire this baby at a far away wall to quickly get pulled towards it. Can get you out of sticky situations quick.
An Apple for Baldi 250 Give this to Baldi and he won't be able to resist taking a quick break to scarf it down!


Name Price (YTPs) Description
Map Fill

50 - Floor 1
150 - Floor 2
300 - Floor 3

Fill your map!
Buy this and your map will be completed instantly! With this you could plan a route before even stepping foot in a level, and maybe even discover some secrets!
Suspend TBA This isn't available yet!
I wonder what it could be for...


  • It was first mentioned in a Kickstarter post,[1] then it was mentioned again in a Steam post that this feature would be introduced in the Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2 update.[2] Then, the teaser images were posted on Twitter.[3][4][5]
  • There is always space for six items on the item shelf, but every time the player enters the store, the items are randomized and some spaces are empty.
  • It is unknown if it is an official school store, or a student trading items for YTPs.
  • In the current version of Baldi's Basics Plus, the suspend feature is unavailable, since there are only three floors so far.[6] It will be used to avoid a specific character to spawn until the game ends,[7] but it will not work for Baldi and Principal of the Thing.[8]
  • Rarely, a loud echoed voice of a man coughing and yelling can be heard.
    • The next voice will play after the noise stops playing.
  • There were several differences prior to V0.2.2:
    • The text on the exit confirmation dialogue "The items left on the counter will be lost!" was usually "Make sure the items you want to keep are in your inventory!".
    • The chalkboard always appeared when clicking the "Back" button, even when the player purchased no items or when no item is on the counter.
    • The items would always be placed on the counter when purchased even if the inventory was not full.
  • In one of the V0.2 teasers featuring Johnny's Store, the original price of the Dangerous Teleporter would be 200 You Thought Points, but it was halved.
  • Prior to V0.3, the map fill price for floor 1 and 2 were 200 and 250 YTPs respectively.
  • Ironically, a Quarter costs 25 You Thought Points, and a Quarter represents 25 cents in real life.

Three of the same item in Johnny's Store.

  • Rarely, three items of the same kind can spawn at once.
  • Prior to V0.3.6, there were no transitions while loading or entering Johnny's Store.


  • Since V0.2.2, the Principal Whistle is not available in the store.


Quote Description
A coughing noise that randomly plays in Johnny's Store.




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