For the game, see Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride.

Joe is a character from the unreleased pinball game Joe.[1]

In Baldi's Basics Plus, he is the former owner of Baldi's Bus and is an unseen character although his appearance is known. He had his bus taken by Baldi.


Seen in the images for the Joe game, Joe seems to be a rather large human with brown hair, and a long-sleeved orange shirt that says "JOE" in red color.


Joe's name is mentioned on Baldi's Bus. The bus has the text "JOE'S BUS" with Joe's name crossed out, and "BALD'S BUS" written over it in green. Note that Baldi misspelled his own name.


  • mystman12 did some Gotta Sweep-like voice-overs for the character Joe during the stream, saying phrases like "Welcome to Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride!". This possibly hints that Joe will make a legit, physical appearance in Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • A possible drawing of Joe is seen in Baldi's Basics' Kickstarter video, claimed that it was actually an unfinished drawing from 10 years ago.[2]


Transcript Timestamp
We're going this fast, because the breaks are out and we're going down... Hill! 1:14
MULTI-BALL!!! *echoes* 1:21
JACKPOT!!! 1:40
WARNING: LOUD! For loud template
SUPER!!! ... Jackpot... 2:18
WARNING: LOUD! For loud template

Transcript Timestamp
JOE?... Joe is from uh… a pinball game. You can see some videos online.. (via our?) YouTube channel. It's been in the works for a LOOONG... time! 14:47
Welcome to Joe's Ultimate Bus Ri-IIIIDE!!! 1:40:50
WARNING: LOUD! For loud template
Hey, cheat ... You jumped over some of my buses... 1:56:08
Defeated my own game! 2:11:54



  1. "I just thought it would be kind of fun to show the first Future Pinball game I made. (That I finished, anyways) I made this in early 2012. It has a similar theme, but isn't nearly as good as JUBR." - mystman12. March 25, 2014. Status Update #2 - Multiball Video! | Blogger
  2. "...or even that unfinished drawing from ten years ago with the uncanny fingers that still haunt your nightmares to this day..." - Kickstarter video 3:33~3:41




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