The Janitor's Closet is a notable room of Here School in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Connected by the blue door, the closet is merely a small rectangular room with a WD-NoSquee poster.


Main Gameplay

This is the location where Gotta Sweep spawns and comes out for sweeping. The WD-NoSquee also has a chance to be found.

Other Appearances


  • While in the Janitor's Closet at the same time as Gotta Sweep, both the Player and Baldi will slow down.
  • This is the smallest room in Here School.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Old Janitor's Closet

    The old version of the Janitor's Closet without a poster and WD-NoSquee.

    Before update V1.3, there is no WD-NoSquee or its poster found in this location because both were not implemented yet.
    • In V1.3, the WD-NoSquee was added.
    • In V1.3.1, the poster describing the WD-NoSquee's usage was added.



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