Then, when you find something you can use it on, right click on the object with the quarter selected! That's how you use items, you know.
— Baldi
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Items are objects the Player can find and obtain from Baldi's Basics.



The items from the "REWARDS" header from the Kickstarter page: BSODA, Energy Flavored Zesty Bar, Safety Scissors, Quarter, Alarm Clock, and Swinging Door Lock. (Left to right)

They are scattered around Here School, and can be picked up and used by the Player. They can be stored in the inventory HUD with only three slots in Baldi's Basics Classic and five in the full game. These items have certain properties that will help the Player progress through the school and collect all of the notebooks for the Player's friend. A single item in the inventory will be taken by It's a Bully upon approaching him for a pass.

The notebooks are the game's main objective items to collect so the Player themselves can beat the game.


Name Image Expires Usage
Alarm Clock AlarmClockItem-sharedassets2.assets-147 30 seconds Distracts Baldi after waiting a few seconds.
An Apple for Baldi
15 seconds Getting Baldi distracted upon full contact, preventing him from provoking a game over or losing a life.
Baldi's Least Favorite Tape Tape 30 seconds Distracts Baldi with loud noises.
Big Ol' Boots BootsIcon-sharedassets2.assets-602 15 seconds Walking quickly through Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize.
BSODA Bsoda 1 use Pushing back characters (except It's a Bully and Chalkles).
Dangerous Teleporter TeleporterIcon-sharedassets2.assets-414 1 use Teleporting to random locations.
Dirty Chalk Eraser
1 use Creates a cloud of dust to hide from any character.
Energy Flavored Zesty Bar EnergyFlavoredZestyBar 1 use Grants a stamina boost for a short period of time, as well as refilling the stamina bar.
Faculty Nametag
30 seconds Accessing the Faculty Rooms freely without getting punished by the Principal of the Thing.
Grappling Hook Grapplinghook-sharedassets3.assets-200 1 use Pulling the Player to the wall from far away distance or knocking An Apple for Baldi out of the tree.
Principal's Keys Keys 1 use Getting out of detention earlier than the given sentence.
Principal Whistle
1 use Gets the Principal's attention, luring him to where the Player is.
Quarter Quarter 1 use Purchasing items and using the Noise Phone.
Safety Scissors SafetyScissors-sharedassets2.assets-346 1 use Cutting Playtime's skipping rope and 1st Prize's wire.
Swinging Door Lock YellowDoorLock 15 seconds Locks any swinging doors.
WD-NoSquee Wd nosquee-sharedassets2.assets-302 1 use Make doors silent for 4 times, preventing Baldi from hearing them.



Comic sans Items (1)

Inventory items

Alarm ClockAn Apple for BaldiBaldi's Least Favorite TapeBSODABig Ol' BootsDangerous TeleporterDirty Chalk EraserEnergy Flavored Zesty BarFaculty NametagGrappling HookPrincipal WhistlePrincipal's KeysQuarterSafety ScissorsSwinging Door LockWD-NoSquee

Objective items




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