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For a similar HUD, see Inventory.

A notebook counter.

The item counter is a part of the HUD for the Baldi's Basics series, located at the top left side of the screen from the player's perspective.


Main Gameplay

The item counter HUD (top left.)

The counter is used for collecting notebooks during the main gameplay. The player's mission is to explore the Schoolhouse or the Super Schoolhouse depending on the game, and collect all the notebooks before managing to escape:

Note: Level generation errors may result in less notebooks than usual.
Floor Number of notebooks
Floor 1 4
Floor 2 7
Floor 3 9
Challenges, modes or games Number of notebooks
Story Mode, Stealthy and Grapple Challenge 7
Full Game Early Demo 8
Speedy Challenge 25
Endless Mode Infinite (7 respawning notebooks)

Field Trips

A different item counter would display in field trips prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3. In the previous version of the camping field trip, the version of this counter HUD was used for collecting logs in an unlimited number, although the more the player collected, the slower they got due to carrying a huge amount of logs until putting them in the campfire for points.

In Field Trip demo: Camping, the item counter is white instead of black, uses a different font, and has the word "Sticks" instead of "Logs". The player can also reduce the amount of logs by dropping them on the ground.


Baldi's Basics Classic
  • The older version of the item counter seen in the first version of Classic.

    The item counter was changed a few times through update versions:
    • Before V1.3, the early version of the notebook counter lacked the "Notebooks" text.
    • Before V1.4, the text of the counter appeared to be thicker and less pixelated.
    • In some images in the V1.4 update post, the notebook counter has different font styles, but they are not implemented into the game.[1]
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • It is possible to extend the maximum counter of notebooks to 9/9 in the glitched school, similar to floor 3. If the slash (/) is removed, then it becomes the number 99 seen numerous times in the game.
Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping
  • The old counter HUD in the Field Trip demo: Camping.

    In the earliest version, the size of the log counter was much smaller than the current version. This also applied to the points and timer.


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