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Then, when you find something you can use it on, right click on the object with the quarter selected! That's how you use items, you know.
— Baldi, Baldi's Basics Classic
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Items are objects the player can find and obtain from the Baldi's Basics series.


Items from the "Rewards" header from the Kickstarter page (left to right): BSODA, Energy Flavored Zesty Bar, Safety Scissors, Quarter, Alarm Clock, and Swinging Door Lock.

Items are scattered around the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse, and can be picked up and used by the player. They can also be purchased from Johnny's Store with You Thought Points. Items can be stored in the inventory HUD with five slots in Baldi's Basics Plus and three in Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash, and Classic Remastered. These items have certain properties that will help the player progress in the game and collect all of the notebooks for the player's friend in Baldi's Basics Classic or complete each floor in Baldi's Basics Plus. A single item in the inventory will be taken upon approaching It's a Bully for a pass, unless wearing a Faculty Nametag or the Bully is upside-down during the Gravity Chaos event.


For more information about the items, go to their pages with the links below.

Inventory items

Name Icon (Large) Icon (Small) Official description*
What the?! This shouldn't be possible!
BsodaIcon Large.png
BsodaIcon Small.png
Open a can of fizzed up BSODA and spray away anyone who's trying to get in your way! Ingredients: Blue, high fructose corn syrup, electricity, and 2% or less of: Water, blue 2.
Energy Flavored Zesty Bar
ZestyBarIcon Large.png
ZestyBarIcon Small.png
Eat one of these and get a boost of energy! Fills up your stamina more than you can just by taking a rest!
Swinging Door Lock
SwingingDoorLockIcon Large.png
SwingingDoorLockIcon Small.png
Place this on any swinging door to lock it for a few seconds, preventing anyone from coming through. Keep in mind that people can still see through locked swinging doors!
Alarm Clock
AlarmClockIcon Large.png
AlarmClockIcon Small.png
Set this clock up and when it goes off, Baldi will want to check it out! Unless he sees you of course, he's not *that* stupid.
Principal's Keys
KeyIcon Large.png
KeyIcon Small.png
Break all the rules you want with the Principal's Keys! Use them to open any locked door, even ones that haven't been locked by Principal of the Thing!
QuarterIcon Large.png
QuarterIcon Small.png
A shiny quarter! Useful for anything that requires a shiny quarter!
NoSqueeIcon Large.png
NoSqueeIcon Small.png
Tired of noises giving your location away? WD-NoSquee can solve your problems! Spray it on a door or locker to make it silent. Baldi can't hear silence!
Safety Scissors
SafetyScissorsIcon Large.png
SafetyScissorsIcon Small.png
Slice through anything* with these high-end safety Scissors!
*Actually, these are the dullest scissors ever made and can only cut through jumpropes, bubble gum, and cheap wires.
Dangerous Teleporter
TeleporterIcon Large.png
TeleporterIcon Small.png
Use this and there's no telling where you'll end up! It could take you to safety or certain doom! Now that's what I call fun!
Dirty Chalk Eraser
ChalkEraserIcon Large.png
ChalkEraserIcon Small.png
Create a cloud of chalk dust and block off the sight of Baldi and his freinds. Stand inside to hide, or use it to sneak past characters without them seeing you.
Portal Poster
PortalPosterIcon Larger.png
PortalPosterIcon Small.png
If there's a room on the other side, place this on the wall to get through. A super technology invented by Baldi himself!
Principal Whistle
WhistleIcon Large.png
WhistleIcon Small.png
Need instant justice? Blow this whistle and Principal of the Thing will come to your aid as quickly as he can!
Faculty Nametag
NametagIcon Large.png
NametagIcon Small.png
Experience what's it's like to work in Baldi's Super Schoolhouse! When you have this on, no one will bother you! Well, except for Baldi, he knows a fake nametag when he sees one.
Baldi's Least Favorite Tape
TapeIcon Large.png
TapeIcon Small.png
This tape was carefully designed by a student to effectively make Baldi deaf as long as it plays. If you can hear the tone, you can make all the noise you want, worry free!
Big Ol' Boots
BootsIcon Large.png
BootsIcon Small.png
These big ol' boots will help you keep your feet on the ground! Prevents you from getting pushed by characters and obstacles found around the school.
Grappling Hook
GrapplingHookIcon Large.png
GrapplingHookIcon Small.png
Fire this baby at a far away wall to quickly get pulled towards it. Can get you out of sticky situations quick.
An Apple for Baldi
AppleIcon Large.png
AppleIcon Small.png
Give this to Baldi and he won't be able to resist taking a quick break to scarf it down!

Objective items

Name Image Purpose
FireWood Plus V0.2.2.png
An item in the camping field trip (prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3) that was necessary to keep the campfire burning.
NotebookSheet 3.png
The main objective item of the Baldi's Basics series. In Baldi's Basics Classic, the player's friend forgot the notebooks and could not collect them due to his eating practice session.


Name Image Purpose
Exclusively appears in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash and Classic Remastered. It contains a random item inside.


  • New items added in the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo and Baldi's Basics Plus look much smaller than the others.
  • Items.png
    Using the C-Sharp for the game in dnSpy, in the "Items" part of the code, some items not used currently are revealed: NanaPeel, FidgetSpinner, and Football. There could be a chance that some of them will be added to a future update.
    • There was SpyCamera in this code as one of the possible upcoming items, but it was removed.
  • For some reason, the Portal Poster, Baldi's Least Favorite Tape, Energy Flavored Zesty Bar, Principal's Keys, and the BSODA (only the large version) are not dithered.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Obtaining an item while the inventory is full will replace and leave the selected item on the spot.
    • Prior to V0.3, it would make the selected item disappear.
  • In the Grapple Challenge, if the player collects an item while the inventory is full and the Grappling Hook is selected, the item will disappear and will not be stored in the inventory, causing the game to soft-lock.
  • Prior to V0.1.4, whirlpools could steal an item from the inventory.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, all items only had selective sized sprites. For example, if the item is 32-pixel sized, then there is no 64-pixel sized sprite and vice-versa.
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo
  • The Big Ol' Boots, Safety Scissors, and Alarm Clock items are not featured in this demo.