I'm gonna take your candy...
— When the Player approaches It's a Bully.

It's a Bully is, hence his name, the school bully of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse. He is a poorly modeled student that stands still around the school blocking the hallways, presumably existing in the game because it is believed that "every good school needs a good bully!" according to his description in the Principal's Office.


It's a Bully appears as a terribly-modeled CGI human figure with a fat orange ellipse sphere for a torso, blue cylinders for limbs, and small tan balls for hands and feet. His arms and legs both use the same model. He has an incredibly distorted and malformed face with smaller eyes (beady due to the overall dithering effect), a gaping mouth with red lips (orange due to dithering) that clip into where his neck would be, a fat asymmetrical nose, and brown hair. He does not wear shoes and does not have toes, either. There is the Consolas text floating next to his head that says "THIS IS A BULLY" in all-caps. His pose appears to be in the middle of a run cycle. He speaks in a quiet voice, but every word at the end of a line he says has an echo effect.

Based on the scaling of Baldi's ruler, It's a Bully is about 6.58 feet (200.56 centimeters) tall.


Being the school bully, It's a Bully has a desire to take the Player's items, making him appear as selfish and greedy. It's a Bully likes to get what he wants. He thinks that if the Player has no items, that they should not be able to pass by him. Even if Baldi is right behind the Player, this still applies, making him seem heartless.

It's possible that It's a Bully eats the food and drink items he takes from the Player, due to his weight.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay


It's a Bully found in the corner of the hallway.

It's a Bully will stand still around the start or end of hallways in the school, sometimes switching positions as he might block the Player's path completely.

If the Player attempts to approach It's a Bully, he will steal a random item from their inventory. Afterwards, he will mysteriously vanish and let the Player pass. However, if the Player approaches It's a Bully with nothing in their inventory, he will continue to block the Player's path, forcing the Player to go another way, if there is one. More than 180 seconds later while occupying in the same spot, he will disappear, stating that he is bored.

It's a Bully is considered to be the lowest threat of the bunch as he is stationary and only blocks one hall at a time, but he can still be a problem if the Player is running from Baldi (especially if he is right behind them) and the Bully just so happens to get in the way. The Player must keep in mind that It's a Bully will take any of their three items, so they must be willing to give up any of the said items. Additionally, It's a Bully cannot be pushed with the usage of BSODA, nor can he be pushed by Gotta Sweep. Since It's a Bully cannot move, getting hit by Beans' bubble gum will not work.

Bully got detention

It's a Bully in the Principal's Office.

If Principal of the Thing spots It's a Bully asking an item to the Player, he will send him to detention and open up the path that he was blocking, allowing the Player to pass, with It's a Bully not appearing until 90 seconds of cooldown has passed. When the Principal sends It's a Bully to detention, the Bully will be located at the center of the Principal's Office, but he disappears immediately. Even after he is sent to detention, he can still take an item if the Player is on the same spot as him.

Field Trips

In the camping field trip, It's a Bully will hide behind a single forest tree. He will stalk the Player while not being looked at. Once he catches up to the Player, he will come out from behind his tree and take the Player's logs. The Player must avoid him, and a good way to know if he is there is checking to see if a tree appears to be moving by looking away and back at one quickly, or checking to see It's a Bully's arm sticking out from behind a tree. Unlike the main appearance, The Player can actually push back It's a Bully with BSODA.


It's a Bully only appears in the Grapple Challenge and he will not take the Grappling Hook from the Player's inventory, so that the Player can still move.

Other Appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, It's a Bully spawns in few preset spots and takes much longer to disappear before spawning to another place. It's a Bully first spawns in front of the exit that the Player starts the game at.

It's a Bully appearing with the original cast for a birthday surprise.

  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the "THIS IS A BULLY" text on the top-left is changed to "THIS IS A PARTY". Other than that, It's a Bully does not appear to wear any relevant birthday accessories. At the end when the Player reaches the last exit door found in the Cafeteria, he will appear with the original cast to shout a surprise, but himself will tell the Player to give him a gift instead.


  • There's a formerly unused image called "PlaceFace" in the classic edition's files which appears to be a non-distorted version of this character's head, seen in screenshots on mystman12's Twitter.[1][2] The final model of It's a Bully's head does seem to use the distorted and water effect. The unused image was later recycled as a standalone character, who first debuts in the Field Trip demo: Camping behind a secret door outside of the map.
  • It's a Bully's deformed head is inspired from mystman12's "I'm a CGI Pro Now!" video at timestamp 0:20 while "testing" PlaceFace's model.[3]
  • The line "I'm gonna take your candy..." was inspired by the YouTube video "preschool bully" by PilotRedSun (a YouTuber that mystman12 is a huge fan of[4]), according to mystman12 during his stream on playing his own game for the first time.[5] All of It's a Bully's voice lines have a similar echo effect applied to his last words.
  • According to the mystman12's live stream archive, It's a Bully was one of the first characters that he thought of when making the game.[citation needed]
  • It's a Bully's model was created by mystman12 years before the development of Baldi's Basics Classic, seeing as he made a short animation with the model walking on December 6, 2015.[6]
  • It is possible that It's a Bully has some supernatural abilities due to his ability to teleport and magically disappear. His ominous echoing voice adds to this.
  • Along with Baldi, It's a Bully was voiced by mystman12 the "Baldi gets bullied" video.[7]
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • It's a Bully's poster in the Principal's Office actually has the letter "A" from the text "THIS IS A BULLY" on his sprite in the top left corner. This is most likely since mystman12 failed to notice or crop it out of the texture.
  • According to his description in the Principal's Office, It's a Bully's presence is considered necessary. Ironically, one of the rules on some of the posters state "no bullying".
  • BALDI 2018-06-09 19-17-02-43

    It's a Bully being stored under the map along with the spelling notebook.

    When It's a Bully disappears after an encounter or isn't being used, he is stored underneath the map alongside other currently unused or disappeared items. This can be found through hacking.
  • In the game's files, his sprite is named "bully_final", which indicates that he may have had different appearances planned.
  • In the camping field trip, after It's a Bully steals the Player's logs, he will flee away with the tree hovering above his head.
  • He, Chalkles and The Test are the only characters not to visit the party event. This is most likely because It's a Bully is stationary and teleports around the school, while Chalkles only appears in classrooms.
    •  Chalkles is also immune to Beans' gum.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • It's a Bully and the Quarter have the same spawn points.
  • Prior to version update 1.3, It's a Bully would not be taken to detention directly upon being spotted by the Principal of the Thing.
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • The "Give me your gift..." quote is likely inspired by the Hungry Pumpkin's line "Give me the [food name]". The Hungry Pumpkin is one of the mystman12's favorite memes and the voice in the game is very similar to the one from the original.
  • Additionally, in mystman12's livestream, It's a Bully's line, "No, I don't want that." originally comes from the Hungry Pumpkin as well.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • In the camping field trip in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.5, when the Player has at least one log and not looking at It's a Bully, he will fall through the ground and flee away from them.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Before V1.1, It's a Bully's spawn time is a lot shorter, and sometimes can spawn on top of the Player and causes the game to soft-lock as the Player does not "fly" out of his collision, which for some reason does happen with other objects like lockers and walls.
  • Before V1.2, a rare bug prevents It's a Bully from spawning.



Quote Subtitles
B TakeCandy
I'm gonna take your candy... When the Player approaches the bully.
B GiveGreat
Give me something great...
B TakeThat
I'll take that! It's mine now... When the bully steals one of the Player's items.
B Donation
Thanks for the generous donation!..
B NoItems
What?! No items, no pass...
(What?! No items? No items, no pass...)
When the Player tries to pass him without any items.
BUL Bored-resources.assets-65
I'm bored... Disappearing after standing on the same spot for too long.
BUL Sticks
Give me those sticks...
(I want those sticks...)
When he steals the Player's logs in the camping field trip.

Birthday Bash

Quote Transcript Description
B Gift-sharedassets2.assets-698
Give me your gift... Celebrating the Player after reaching the Cafeteria exit.

Transcript Timestamp
Give me something great. (unedited) 9:34
No, I don't want that... I don't hear Baldi anymore... What's that noise? 19:26
I wanna take your candy- I'm gonna take your candy. 1:01:35
I want those sticks. (unedited) 1:38:26

"Baldi gets bullied"
Transcript Timestamp
Yeah, right... Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi, Baldi... 0:20


Baldi's Basics Classic
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo
Full Game Alpha



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