Intro (unofficial title) is a music track for the Baldi's Basics series.

Description and Usage

The track serves as the title theme for the main menu screen, except for the Field Trip demo. The music does not loop after it ends.

In Baldi's Basics Plus, the intro sounds fairly different, as the Vibraslap drum sample is more delayed than it was originally.

Music Notes




  • Sometimes, every note of the music played at the same time after pressing the name in the sign-in screen. This will mostly happen if the Player is extremely fast to click on their name.


  1. "Here's a hastag that will never take off: #MicrogameMondays! Every Monday I'll try to post a vid of one of my old WarioWare D.I.Y. microgames, because why not? This first one is called Bad Ball. It was supposed to be like Baseball... but bad. Yeah I know it makes no sense. :P" - mystman12. May 21, 2018. Twitter


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