The Baldi's Basics series contains a lot of inspirations and references to elements (e.g.: educational computer games and computer technologies of 1990s) gathered by mystman12.

Video Games

Sonic's Schoolhouse


The comparison.

  • The appreciation GIF image of Baldi giving a thumbs up when Baldi's Basics Classic is downloaded over hundred-thousand times is a direct reference to Sonic's Schoolhouse's image screen when beating the level with all 10/10 correct answers.
  • The doors' textures have the same exact size as the ones for Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • The Math Machine's main texture is inspired by the chalkboard with a math problem in Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • The Number Balloons bear some similarities to Sonic's Schoolhouse's hopping number objects.
  • The "Elephant hit" quote file heard in the TestRoom location on occasions is in reference to an unused audio clip of Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • Some of the textures seen in the Baldi's Basics Plus early access trailer are the same as lamp similar to ones from Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • The name entering system is very similar or identical to Sonic's Schoolhouse's one.
  • The title screen in both Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Plus looks very similar to the Sonic's Schoolhouse boxart.

Super Mario

ToeJam & Earl




The window comparison.

  • One of the windows has a stunning similar shape to Microsoft Windows' 1985 trademark logo.
  • The BSODA item, its name and slogan, references the Blue Screen of Death, an error screen displayed on a computer following a fatal system error.



  • WD-NoSquee's name and design are inspired by WD-40. The item code in the game is referred as "Wd40".

Kirkland Signature protein bar

Libman Precision Angle Broom

Social Medias


  • It's a Bully's "I'm gonna take your candy..." line is a direct reference to the "preschool bully" video.
  • Although unconfirmed, Playtime's appearance, even the eyes and hair, has a very similar style to PilotRedSun's.
  • 0th Prize was supposed to be Gotta Sweep's human form that mystman12 tried to draw with the similar style to PilotRedSun's.


The Amazing World of Gumball

  • The Principal of the Thing's whistle is inspired by the character "Banana Joe" from The Amazing World of Gumball, however Principal of the Thing has a much lower pitched whistle.
  • Both The Amazing World of Gumball and Baldi's Basics share an approach of making characters from different styles, such as drawn or 3D characters.

Homestar Runner

  • One of the chalkboards says "Look! A HomestarRunner Reference!".
  • "Runner Star Home", a music used for the Kickstarter promotion video and (possibly) the upcoming full game, is also a reference.
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