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Ice Block is a Baldimore comic created by mystman12. At first, he stated that it was created around 2011,[1] he then though it was around 2009.[2] It is the third part for one entire paper with the Nothing to Eat and Dr. Reflex comic strips.


Baldi is involved in a baseball game and struggles to activate the ice machine. The machine worked and makes Baldi get frozen in the ice block. Then, the ball flies and hits the ice, causing the ice to shatter and frees Baldi. Baldi laughs a hit, but, then TimTom throws the ball to him from the other window.


  • Baldi: Come on hurry! [pressing the button to activate the machine]
  • Baseball Player: I've got it!

[the ice machine starts releasing gas at Baldi, freezing him. The ball soon breaks one of the windows]

  • Baldi: [gets trapped inside a huge block of ice]

[the ball hits the ice block and shatters it]

  • Baldi: HaHaa! I told you my ice machine would work.
  • TimTom: [throws a baseball at Baldi from the window]


  • The comic was revealed after the Kickstarter campaign tweet reached 500 retweets.[3]
  • The last frame where TimTom throws a baseball was made a microgame by mystman12 called Bad Ball in WarioWare D.I.Y..[4][5]


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