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For the main mode in Classic/Birthday Bash, see Story Mode.
Play Hide-and-Seek with Baldi! Can you beat all the levels without losing?
— Description

Hide-and-Seek, also known as Main Mode, is the general mode in Baldi's Basics Plus. It takes place as the main story where the player plays "hide-and-seek" with Baldi.



The player meets Baldi in front of the elevator. After the player gets a little far enough close to Baldi or opens the blue locker, he will count down from 10. After the countdown, he will say "Ready or not, here I come!", then chase the player. The later gameplay is the same as the Spoop Mode from Story Mode, but there are a few differences between Story Mode and Hide-and-Seek:

  • The player has to find elevators instead of exits.
  • The notebook counter is different depending on the floor.
    • Floor 1: 4 notebooks (1-3 notebooks if there are errors in level generation.)
    • Floor 2: 7 notebooks (6 notebooks if there are errors in level generation.)
    • Floor 3: 9 notebooks
  • Even if reaching one of the elevators, the school does not turn red and no loud noise plays.
  • Since the You Can Think Pad's purpose has been changed, the way to make Baldi chasing the player is different.
  • After V0.3, the player can save and quit the game between levels from the elevator. Pressing this button will lead them back to the title screen. After saving and quitting, when hovering the mouse on the mode, the description reads "Continue your game of Hide-and-Seek with Baldi!".

Early Demo

This mode was first introduced in Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo. However, some of the mechanics are different:

  • The school always has the same layout and only one floor.
  • There are total of 8 notebooks to collect.
  • There are 4 elevators to reach.
  • Like Story Mode, Baldi will congratulate the player after collecting all the notebooks.
  • If there is one elevator left, all characters except for Baldi will disappear.
  • The player cannot save the progress of the game.