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For the main mode in Classic/Birthday Bash, see Story Mode.
Play Hide-and-Seek with Baldi! Can you beat all the levels without losing?
— Description

Hide-and-Seek, also known as Main Mode, is the general mode in Baldi's Basics Plus. It takes place as the main story where the player plays "hide-and-seek" with Baldi.



The player meets Baldi in front of the elevator. After the player gets a little far enough close to Baldi or opens a blue locker, he will count down from 10. After the countdown, he will say "Ready or not, here I come!", then chase the player. The later gameplay is the same as the Spoop Mode from Story Mode, but there are a few differences between Story Mode and Hide-and-Seek:

  • The player has to find elevators instead of exits.
  • The notebook counter is different depending on the floor.
    • Floor 1: 4 notebooks (1-3 notebooks if there are errors in level generation)
    • Floor 2: 7 notebooks (6 notebooks if there are errors in level generation)
    • Floor 3: 9 notebooks (2-8 notebooks if there are errors in level generation)
  • Even if reaching one of the elevators, the school does not turn red and no loud noise plays.
  • Since the You Can Think Pad's purpose has been changed, there is a different way to make Baldi chase the player.
  • After V0.3, the player can save and quit the game between levels from the elevator. Pressing the "Save + Quit" button will lead them back to the title screen. After saving and quitting, when hovering the mouse on the Hide-and-Seek button, the description reads "Continue your game of Hide-and-Seek with Baldi!".

Full Game Early Demo

This mode was first introduced in Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo. However, some of the mechanics are different:

  • The school always has the same layout and only one floor.
  • There are total of 8 notebooks to collect.
  • There are 4 elevators to reach.
  • Like Story Mode, Baldi will congratulate the player after collecting all the notebooks.
  • If there is one elevator left, all characters except for Baldi will disappear.
  • The player cannot save the progress of the game.