For the classic game's mode, see Story Mode.
Play Hide-and-Seek with Baldi! Can you beat all the levels without losing?
— Game mode Tagline

Hide-and-Seek, also known as Main Mode, is the general mode in Baldi's Basics Plus. It takes place as the main story where the Player plays "hide-and-seek" with Baldi.



The Player meets Baldi in front of the elevator. After the Player gets far enough way from Baldi or opens the blue locker, he will make an unintelligible countdown voice and say "Ready or not, here I come!" with a random pitch, then chase the Player. The later gameplay is the same as the Spoop Mode in Story Mode from the Classic and Birthday Bash editions, but there are a few differences between Story Mode and Hide-and-Seek:

Early Demo

This mode was first introduced in Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo. However, some of the mechanics are different from the full game:

  • The school always has the same layout and only one floor.
  • There are total of 8 notebooks to collect.
  • There are 4 elevators to reach.
  • Like Story Mode, Baldi will congratulate the Player after collecting all the notebooks.
  • If there is one elevator left, all characters but Baldi will disappear.


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