Here School (also known as Schoolhouse) is the general setting of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.


Here School consists of Hallways, Classrooms, Faculty Rooms, Exits, Outside Yards, a Principal's Office, a Janitor's Closet, and the Cafeteria. The school has the first and only floor in the Baldi's Basics Classic but will be a towering building with randomly-generated rooms for the full game.


BALDI 2018-06-09 19-27-10-23

The game's map from outside while hacking.

  • In Final Mode, when the Player walks up to an exit, pictures of the map will appear.
  • In one of the videos by SiIvaGunner, it is revealed to be named "Here School" in mystman12's comment.
  • In the Field Trip Demo, the Player can go outside the building and get on Baldi's bus.
  • If the Player was to view the school from the Outside Yards, they'd find the Player can see through the walls. This is due to the way the game engine applies textures to the map.
  • Here School seems to lack some aspects of a proper school, as it lacks a library, a gym, and even washrooms.
  • Here School appears to have very poor standards when it comes to teaching students as Baldi either gives his students Kindergarten/Grade 1 math or problems that are impossible to solve.
  • It seems like the school is brighter in v1.2.2 and earlier.
  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the walls of Here School are brighter than those in Baldi's Basics Classic.
  • In the description of It's a Bully in the Principal's Office, the school is named as "here school". The first and second words don't start with capital letters.
  • The school's wall, ceiling, and ground texture is very similar to the stone brick, granite, and andesite texture from the video game, Minecraft.




Here School

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