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Oh, hi! Welcome to my Schoolhouse!
— Baldi

A view of Here School as seen in the Thank You! video.

Here School (also known as Schoolhouse) is the general setting of Baldi's Basics Plus and where Baldi employed as a head teacher.


Here School is an elementary school appearing as a simple rectangle-shaped building.

The school's floors are variable depending on the games. For example, in Baldi's Basics Classic, there is only one floor with fixed layout, while in Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, it has 3 floors and all of them are randomly generated.


Common locations

Name Image Description
One of the most common locations in Here School. Every hall includes doors to specific rooms. The Quarter can be randomly found in the halls.
Multiple rooms where a notebook and some inventory items can be found.
Faculty Room
2020-04-28 (11)
Completely restricted rooms with no students allowed to enter. Principal of the Thing will send the Player to detention when catching them entering, exiting, or being inside unless the Faculty Nametag is in action.
Principal's Office
The office owned by Principal of the Thing. This is where the Player is sent for violating one of the school rules and where the party is located. This office is also the area where all characters' descriptions can be viewed.
Janitor's Closet
A small location where Gotta Sweep resides.
Locations appearing as a direct way out of the school. Becomes available as a final objective before completing Baldi's Basics Classic.
Outdoor Area
Can be accessed when going to field trips. However, in the classic and Birthday Bash editions, nothing interesting to find in these areas other than serving as the outside world's decoration.

Special locations

Name Image Description
A massive room where the Player can find some snack/food-based items and vending machines.
A maze-like area where all sounds are put to silence.
Official screenshot 3 - Playground
Restores the stamina upon visiting this place. Principal of the Thing will not send the Player to detention for running in the playground.

Hidden locations

Name Image Description
Mystery Room
A hidden room after the Mystery Room event occurs. It will disappear 30 to 60 seconds later.
Baldi's Office
The office owned by the head teacher Baldi but was hidden for unknown circumstances.


BALDI 2018-06-09 19-27-10-23

The game's map from outside while hacking.

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, after collecting 7 notebooks in Story Mode, when the Player walks up to an exit, pictures of the map will appear.
  • In one of the videos by SiIvaGunner, it is revealed to be named "Here School" in mystman12's comment.
  • In the Baldi's Basics: Field Trip, the Player can go outside the building and get on Baldi's bus for the camping field trip.
  • If the Player was to view the school from the Outdoor Areas, they'd find the Player can see through the walls. This is because the school is created out of walls that only have one side. (planes)
  • Here School seems to lack some aspects of a proper school, as it lacks a gym, and even washrooms.
  • Here School appears to have very poor standards when it comes to teaching students as Baldi either gives his students Kindergarten/Grade 1 math or problems that are impossible to solve.
    • Also, in one of the chalkboards, an unnamed character complained Principal of the Thing's horrible management as the chalkboard is described sending everyone to detention. It might imply Here School has poor management for the staffs, too.
  • The brightness of Here School is different from some versions.
    • In V1.3 to V1.4.1d, the school looks less brighter than the previous versions.
    • In V1.4.2, it is brighter than the other versions - the same goes for the Birthday Bash edition and V1.4.3.
  • In the description of It's a Bully in the Principal's Office, the school is named as "here school". The first and second words don't start with capital letters.
  • The school's wall, ceiling, and ground textures are very similar to the stone brick, diorite, and sand textures from Minecraft.
  • The window from the public demo bears a striking similar shape to Microsoft Window's first early trademark made since 1985.
  • The blue (ceiling), red (floor), and green (wall) textures previously used for the game's development as placeholders are found in the files for the first public demo. They are later used for the Janitor's Closet in the Kickstarter exclusive demo and the challenges demo.
  • The checkered ground texture was used in Sonic's Schoolhouse too.



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Here School

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