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For the interactive structure, see Roto-hall.

No running in the halls!
— Principal of the Thing

Hallways are long rectangular halls that connect rooms to each other in the Baldi's Basics series.


Each room is connected to a hallway by a door. Faculty doors lead to faculty rooms, class doors lead to classrooms and the Principal's office, a supplies door leads to Gotta Sweep's closet, and all doors that lead to hallways use the class door texture, resulting in some doors having different textures on each side. swinging doors can lead to most of special locations or to each other hallways by, which can be locked with a Swinging Door Lock, to prevent any entity from moving through it, including the player.

Some hallways have lockers (coming in different colors) and various posters on their walls. On floor 1, some hallways contain some potted plants.

Hallways are also generated with various textures (except for challenges and Endless Mode - Medium).


Main gameplay

A 2-chunk area.

Entities can move freely in this space. The player will spend most of their time in the hallways, moving from room to room. Sometimes, a hallway will be blocked by It's a Bully, who will only move if the player gives him an item from their inventory, Principal of the Thing catches him and puts him in detention, or being at the same spot for more than 3 minutes.

A 4-chunk area.

Gotta Sweep will occasionally pass through the hallways, pushing along any character except for It's a Bully along his path. 1st Prize will push the player down quickly if he contacts with them.

Some hallways can also be generated several chunks wide; these are unofficially known as areas.

Other appearances

  • The dark hallway in Baldi's Basics Classic and Birthday Bash.

    In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the jointed hallway by the Principal's office appears to be darker than the rest of the hallways. Quarters can also be found randomly in some of the halls. One of the halls also has some plants.
  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, presents are found randomly around the halls instead of Quarters.
  • In Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping, the hallways are where the player starts.
  • In the games and demos prior to Baldi's Basics Plus, the only available hallways have a ceiling in gray with black with celling lights and white dots tiles, a yellow tile floor, and a white brick wall.


There are several different types of hallways.

Regular hallways are extremely common and can vary in length. They are always 1 chunk thick.

Corners connect the ends of two perpendicular hallways. In Baldi's Basics Classic, walking into a corner resulted in Baldi unable to catch the player.

An area* is a special, rarer type of hallway that is more than 1 chunk thick. Walking into an area will result in the whole area highlighted instead of just the individual chunks.

Dead-ends are the rarest type of hallway containing only one way in and out. Pay phones are commonly located at dead-ends.


  • All of Principal of the Thing's accusatory sentences involve him saying that the action is occurring "in the halls", even if the player is not in the hallways.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Only hallways and Gotta Sweep's closet are affected by the alternate textures (if chosen).
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Before V1.3, no Quarters could be found floating in the hallways except for one which only appeared when Baldi gave a quarter to the player after completing the first notebook.
  • In V1.3 and later, a Quarter randomly spawns in hallways.
  • The dark hallway was first featured in V1.4. This is a concept for the upcoming lights-out event in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Sound Description
The sound of a loop buzz noise found in the dark hallway in Classic/Birthday Bash.


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