No running in the halls!
— Principal of the Thing

Hallways are long rectangular halls that connect rooms to each other in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Each hallway is connected to a room either by a faculty door or a class door. Faculty doors lead to Faculty Rooms, while class doors lead to Classrooms, the Janitor's Closet and the Principal's Office.

Hallways are connected to each other by swinging doors, which can be locked with a Swinging Door Lock, to prevent any entity from moving through it, including the Player.

Hallways have lockers (coming in few sorts of color) and various posters on their walls.

In Baldi's Basics Classic, The longest hallways are to the left and right of the school, while the smallest is the dark hallway.


Main Gameplay

Entities can move freely in this space. The Player will spend most of their time in the hallways, moving from room to room.

Sometimes a hallway will be blocked by It's a Bully, who will only move if the Player gives him an item from their inventory, or Principal of the Thing catches him and puts him in detention.

Gotta Sweep will occasionally pass through the hallways, pushing along any character except for It's a Bully along its path. 1st Prize will push the Player down quickly if it finds them.

Quarters can be found randomly around the halls.

Other Appearances


There are several different types of hallways.

Regular Hallways are extremely common and can vary in length. They are always 1 chunk thick.

Corners connect the ends of two perpendicular hallways. In Baldi's Basics Classic, walking into a corner resulted in Baldi unable to catch the Player.

An area is a special, rarer type of hallway that is more than 1 chunk thick. Walking into an area will result in the whole area highlighted instead of just the square sections.

Dead-ends are the rarest type of hallway containing only one way in and out. Noise Phones are commonly located at dead-ends


  • All of Principal of the Thing's accusatory sentences involve him saying that the action is occurring "in the halls", even if the Player is not in the hallways.
  • Only hallways are affected by the alternate textures (if chosen).
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In V1.2, no items could be found floating in the hallways except for a single quarter which only appeared when Baldi gave it to the Player after completing the first notebook.
  • In V1.3 and later, a quarter randomly spawns in hallways.
  • First featured in V1.4, the jointed hallway by the Principal's Office appears to be darker than the rest of the school, possibly signaling a power outage. This is a concept for one of the random events for the full game.


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