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Gravity Chaos is one of the events in Baldi's Basics Plus.


When the event occurs, the school flips upside down and floating gray 3D shapes will appear all over the hallways and elevators. If the player or another character touches a 3D shape, they will flip from the floor to the ceiling or vice-versa. While the player is upside down, the controls "Strafe right" and "Strafe left" are switched around, so in order to move right during that time, they must press the "Strafe left" key to do so. The position of subtitles is also horizontally flipped when the player is upside down.

The player cannot interact with any character that are upside down in their perspective, but it is only limited for characters who can interact with them directly, except for Arts and Crafters.

After the event ends, everybody in the school will flip back onto the ground and all 3D shapes will disappear.


Here is the list of characters whether they can interact with the player while in opposite gravity or not.

  • Check.png - Can interact with the player all the time
  • Half Check.png - Can interact with the player in some cases
  • X.png - Cannot interact with the player while being upside down
Name Status Note
Baldi X.png N/A
Playtime X.png N/A
Arts and Crafters Check.png He can "attack" and teleport the player even if he is upside down. When he "attacks" the player while upside down, only the first clone in the animation will be upside down.
It's a Bully Half Check.png He can still block the Grappling Hook if the player aims it at him.
Principal of the Thing Half Check.png He can scold the player or It's a Bully for breaking the rules while in the opposite gravity.
1st Prize Half Check.png He can accelerate to the player, but cannot push them.
Gotta Sweep X.png He can sweep other characters all the time, however.
Cloudy Copter Check.png Cloudy Copter's wind affects the player's movement whether he is upside down or not.
Chalkles Check.png Chalkles can pop up even in the opposite gravity.
Beans Check.png Beans can spit gum at any time when he sees the player.
Mrs. Pomp Half Check.png She cannot invite them to her classroom when the player is upside down, but she can pick them up for being late at her class.
The Test Half Check.png He cannot blind the player when they are upside down, but he is able to stop every NPC's movement while looking at them.


  • This event is very likely inspired by Windows 95's 3D Maze screensaver, as both the game and the screensaver had textureless 3D shapes around a maze that flipped the camera around. Despite this, it has not been fully confirmed if the reference is intentional.
  • When the player or NPCs enter an area without a ceiling such as the playground or outdoor area, and the gravity is flipped, they will not fall as expected.
  • This event is possibly a reference to the secret code "53045009" for the You Can Think Pad in Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, which flips the player upside down.
  • When Beans spits his bubble gum at a character right before the event starts, his gum will still appear on the floor, rather than flipping upside down with the character that got hit with the bubble gum.