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For the item, see Grappling Hook.

The Grapple Challenge (also known as grappling hook challenge) is one of the challenges from Baldi's Basics Plus.


In this challenge, the player cannot walk, presumably due to their legs being broken; however, they will have the Grappling Hook at the very start and can use it as many times as they want, because it always reappears in the first inventory slot. Therefore, the player has 4 empty slots to store other items.

It's a Bully can take the Grappling Hook from the inventory, but since the Grappling Hook will immediately respawn in their inventory after he steals it, the player can progress the game.


Classrooms Faculty rooms Principal's office Special locations Total
7 25 1 2 35
BSODA WD-NoSquee Swinging Door Lock Quarter An Apple for Baldi Total
2 8 5 3 1 19



Faculty Rooms


Grapple Challenge Map.png


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • The challenge's description has a grammatical error, where the first part reads as "You're legs might be broken," instead of "Your legs might be broken,".
  • It is unknown why there is a Principal's office when Principal of the Thing is not featured in the challenge.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, there was no An Apple for Baldi in this challenge and the lockdown door was closed at the beginning. Also, It's a Bully would not let the player pass if they only had the Grappling Hook and he could not steal a Grappling Hook in the first slot.
    • Since this version, a chalkboard, a window and a few posters have been removed.
  • In a future update, the Grapple Challenge will only be accessible once the player obtains a Grappling Hook in Hide-and-Seek.[1]


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Prior to V0.1.3, the playground's trees in the Grapple Challenge were invisible but still had collision.
  • In V0.3.3, even if the player did not get off the elevator, the door would be closed. The player could progress the game because they can pass through the elevator door while being inside it.
  • Even though It's a Bully appears in the challenge, his poster is not presented in the Principal's office.
Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo
  • There were several differences prior to V1.1.
    • There was a blue locker near the start of the challenge instead of a red one. It was possible to prevent Baldi and other characters from ever spawning, by using the Grappling Hook on the blue locker near the starting elevator and spamming the interact key. Doing so would prevent the elevator from ever closing and Baldi from ever spawning, allowing the player to freely beat the game. The only way to fix the bug was restarting or winning. This blue locker was later re-added in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.3 and all characters will spawn normally even after entering the blue locker near the elevator.
    • A window from one of the walls had a blank (white) texture known to be the window mask.
    • The player could get stuck in doors and elevator gates if they shut while being pulled towards them by using the Grappling Hook.
    • It's a Bully would sometimes not disappear even when the player has other items.


  1. "My current plan is to unlock challenge maps as you discover stuff in the main game. So for example, you wouldn't unlock the grappling hook challenge map until you find the grappling hook in the main game. I'll probably end up making some challenges unlock by other means, like reaching a certain point in the main game or beating other challenge maps. So while some challenges may be locked behind beating the game, most will not." - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub