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The glitched school is the second floor containing glitched-up locations found during the ending of Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


The glitched school is found above the Schoolhouse. Every glitched room and hallway has an assortment of corrupted, multi-colored Baldi sprites known as SpoopBalloons, and two of the rooms have salmon-colored notebooks.

There are two weird message wall textures, with different colored text, attached on the wall and ceiling.

The room connected by a faculty door has a minimized and tilted outdoor area, exit, and a blocking wall in one of its corners.

One of the rooms connected by a class door has multiple Playtimes (all are large and about the same size as the player's height) and a huge PlaceFace sprite.

0th Prize is found at the end of one of the hallways, and The Test's head is located floating in the middle of one of the hallways.


The glitched school is accessed by two opened entrances located from the cafeteria from both sides after the player blows out the cake's candle.

There is also a puzzle room where it is required to count SpoopBalloons represented as "balloons", according to the advice poster. The player must locate and count SpoopBalloons in every room and input the correct number with the four buttons:

  • Purple - 8
  • Blue - 6
  • Green - 3
  • Orange - 1

The secret room that shows up after the player solves the puzzle.

After the player enters the correct number of SpoopBalloons, Baldi's "WOW!" voice is heard and a secret room is revealed with a "Woah! You are SMART!" chalkboard and a bunch of chairs in a circle. When the player reaches the secret room, red SpoopBalloons will appear and slowly take over the locations in a huge growing number, but they do not harm the player. When this happens, half of every wall texture from around the areas (even normal rooms below) will suddenly be replaced with a distorted picture of a Baldi-like figure from the torso up, with a turquoise shirt and a large, deformed head.

At the end of the game, an infinite number of red SpoopBalloons will fill up the locations as they crowd around the player. Afterwards, the distorted "Thank you!" screen will display.



  • Although this location has no official name, it is strangely referred to as just "Glitch" in the coding scripts.
  • GlitchedArea-screenshot6.jpg
    If the player collects the notebook from the classroom where blue and purple SpoopBalloons are found, all of the chairs are removed while the table and a single chair are merged and moved to the other side of the room.
  • The player is not able to use a WD-NoSquee on any of the doors in these areas.
  • In multi-colored weird message walls, the words in red spell out: "YOU WILL, NEVER! LEAVE" (YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE).
  • The skybox is revealed to be completely pitch-black, as seen when hacking to get outside, using the Teleportation Teleporter to get back to the cafeteria exit or clipping out of the map.
  • The background ambient is actually Baldi's slap sound, but sped up and less bass-boosted.
  • The colored statics (blue from the top, and green at the bottom) for the mysterious, large-brained, Baldi-like figure's image appear to match the shirt color for another Baldi-like character from the BadSum screen and Baldi himself respectively. This comparison strongly gives evidence that there are two different hidden entities with relations to Baldi.
    • Two statics also appear to symbolize two colors for mixing into turquoise, the same color for the big-brained Baldi figure's shirt.
  • All chairs in the secret room are facing at the camera like sprites.
    • But, instead of sprites, chairs are made in Umodeler, instead of being in 2D.


Sound Description
Main background ambient. In some places, it sounds like Baldi slapping his ruler at a rapid speed.