You can explore freely in this mode!

The Free Run Mode (also known as Free-Roam Mode) is one of the game modes in Baldi's Basics.


This mode allows the Player to explore the locations and environments freely without Baldi chasing them, as Baldi will vanish later on during the start of each level.


  • This mode was first introduced in the Kickstarter exclusive demo. In the demo, beating the game in Free Run Mode will send the Player back to the title menu, as it is required to beat Story Mode to get the ending.
  • This mode might be able to be selected when maps are generated, since generating the map when Free Run gets selected makes it useless to use.
  • If Baldi's Least Favorite Tape is used on a Tape Player, the tape will not disappear, and the Player can use it many times they want.


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