Baldi's fog machine malfunctioned again! Ack! Hack!
— In-game screen text.

Fog is one of the random events in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.


Right after the quote, the fog is filled within the whole school due to Baldi's fog machine's malfunction, making the Player and other characters have limited vision. Principal of the Thing cannot see the Player even if they are breaking the rules. Baldi can still hear, however.


  • An oversight shows the balloons (spawned in the party event) not getting obscured when the fog is activated.
  • This event is first revealed in the development build game, and later introduced in the public demo.
    • In this game, some eerie sound played when fog is activated. This never happened in the public demo or the Kickstarter exclusive demo.
    • The eerie noise could have been a placeholder for the bell sound.


Sound Description
The "Creepy Old Computer" music cue when the event starts.


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