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Floors are the randomly-generated levels of the Super Schoolhouse. Currently, the Super Schoolhouse only has up to 3 floors, but more will be planned for the future updates of Baldi's Basics Plus.


Each floor is connected by Elevators. Floors are guaranteed to contain random Hallways, Classrooms, Faculty Rooms, and a Principal's Office. Gotta Sweep's Closet, Cafeteria, Playground and Library have a chance to be included on the floor but are not guaranteed.

Floors contain entities like random combinations of Characters, Items and Structures. Baldi and Principal of the Thing are guaranteed to be on every floor.



The Player will encounter many randomly-generated floors as they progress through the Super Schoolhouse in the Hide-and-Seek, Explorer Mode or Endless Mode Random, with each floor getting larger and more complex than the previous floor. Sometimes the Player can access field trips in the Outdoor Areas to take a break from the main game and win items. It is currently unknown exactly how many floors the Super Schoolhouse has.

The challenges and Endless Mode Medium floors are pre-generated.


In Baldi's Basics Classic, there is only one non-randomly-generated level containing 7 Classrooms, 5 Faculty Rooms, and a Cafeteria.

In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, there are two floors with the second floor being the Glitched School, while the first floor uses the same layout as the classic edition's one.

In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, there is one pre-generated level having 8 Classrooms, 5 Faculty Rooms, a Playground, and some Roto-Halls which are not that common in other demos.

In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, there are three randomly-generated levels. The first floor has 4 or 5 Classrooms, the second floor has 6 or 7 Classrooms, and the third floor always has 9 Classrooms. Because these floors are random, the number of Faculty Rooms is variable and any of the special locations can appear.


  • In a future update (most likely a major update), there will be a level customizer added which will possibly allow the Player to modify the amount of characters, items, locations, structures, etc. that appear in the level.[1]


  1. "I don't plan on adding a level editor at the moment, but I do plan on adding a level customizer at some point, which would allow you to select what kind of stuff would appear in the level." - Micah McGonigal


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