Floor 3 is the third level of Baldi's Basics Plus.

Introduced Features


1 new random character is introduced in this level:

Name Image Description
The Test TheTest icon If you want to keep an eye on anyone, look no further than this fella! Don't forget where you last spotted him!

Random Events

1 new event is introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
Test Procedure
Trapped by lockdown doors
Lockdown doors close, preventing the Player and other characters from passing.


1 new structure is introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
2020-06-14 (15)
A special type of hallway that can change direction with pushing the button.


  • Floor 3 is first available at Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo as the demo's final level.
    • The current version of Baldi's Basics Plus also has Floor 3 as the last floor, but more floors will be added in the future update.[1]
    • It is currently unknown how many floors will be part of the completed game.
  • From the Kickstarter demo, as Principal of the Thing usually appears on every floor, there is an oversight from the third floor where his poster is nowhere to be found in the Principal's Office.
  • Floor 3 seems to be generally darker than the other floors.
  • Unlike other floors, this floor has a set amount of notebooks.
  • The sprites on this floor seem ever so slightly more stretched out and distorted compared to other floors.


  1. "When the early access launches, there will only be three floors. I'll add more over time, and of course I'll always be making tweaks to the game's balance to ensure it remains beatable." - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub


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