Floor 2 is the second level in Baldi's Basics Plus.

Introduced Features


2 new random characters are introduced in this level:

Name Image Description
Mrs. Pomp MrsPomp-icon Hops around in her high-heeled shoe inviting students to her class. Make sure you're not late! Or else!
Playtime Playtime-icon Despite her poor eyesight and short memory, she's always looking for a playmate!

"Let's play!"


2 new locations are introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
BBP Library
A maze-like area where all sounds and music are put to silence.
Mystery Room
The room that is completely pitch-black with only posters and windows visible. It contains a random item.

Field Trips

2 field trips are introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
BBP Camping
A field trip where the Player must stop the fire from going out by putting sticks into it.
Farm Field Trip
A field trip where the Player must navigate the maze and find the flag to complete the trip.

Random Events

Name Image Notes
Mystery Room
In one of the hallways, a mystery door will appear. It contains a random item.


Name Image Notes
Math Machine
Math Machine placeholder render

A machine that displays a math problem and serves as an replacement to the You Can Think Pad.

The Math Machine first appeared in V1.2 of Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.

Conveyor Belt
Conveyor cropped
An obstacle that can speed up or slow down the Player depending on the direction they are heading.


Two items listed below are introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
Safety Scissors
An item that can cut Playtime's jumping rope, 1st Prize's wires, and Beans' bubble gum.
Faculty Nametag
An item that makes Principal of the Thing not punish the Player for entering the Faculty Rooms, It's a Bully will not take an item from the Player when they pass by him, Mrs. Pomp will not invite the Player to her class and Playtime will not play with the Player. Chalkles and Beans will also ignore the Player.



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