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Floor 2 is the second level in Baldi's Basics Plus.

Introduced features


Two new random characters are introduced in this level:

Name Image Description
Playtime Playtime-icon.png Despite her poor eyesight and short memory, she's always looking for a playmate!
"Let's play!"
Mrs. Pomp MrsPomp-icon.png Hops around in her high-heeled shoe inviting students to her class. Make sure you're not late! Or else!


Two new locations are introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
A maze-like area where all sounds and music become silent.
Mystery room
The room that is completely pitch-black with only posters and windows visible. It contains a random item inside.


Three items listed below are introduced in this level:

Name Icon (Large) Icon (Small) Description
Safety Scissors
SafetyScissorsIcon Large.png
SafetyScissorsIcon Small.png
Slice through anything* with these high-end safety Scissors!
*Actually, these are the dullest scissors ever made and can only cut through jumpropes, bubble gum, and cheap wires.
Dangerous Teleporter
TeleporterIcon Large.png
TeleporterIcon Small.png
Use this and there's no telling where you'll end up! It could take you to safety or certain doom! Now that's what I call fun!
Faculty Nametag
NametagIcon Large.png
NametagIcon Small.png
Experience what's it's like to work in Baldi's Super Schoolhouse! When you have this on, no one will bother you! Well, except for Baldi, he knows a fake nametag when he sees one.


Five structures are introduced in this level:

Name Image Notes
Baldi's Math Machine
A machine that displays a math problem and serves as a replacement of the You Can Think Pad.
A switch mechanism that activates some structures.
Conveyor belt
Conveyor cropped.png
An obstacle that can speed up or slow down the player depending on the direction they are moving.
Lockdown door
Lockdown Door Render.png
Heavy metal doors that are used for the test procedure event.
One-way swinging door
A swinging door that the player and other characters can open on the side with green arrow icons. On the other side, there is a door with red line icons, which cannot be opened once it has been closed.

Field trips

Two field trips are introduced in this level:

Name Image Description
Help Baldi put the correct amount of sticks in each fire! You'll need to be a quick thinker if you want the highest score!
Help the farmer bring his animals back into the barn! Lead them through a corn maze as quickly as you can! The faster you are, the more points you'll earn!

Random events

Four random events are introduced in this level:

Name Image Description
Looks like the leak is leaking again. Watch out for the whirlpools!
Broken ruler
Uh oh, sounds like Baldi is going to need a new ruler...
Mystery room
A mystery room has appeared! Find it before it disappears!
Gravity Chaos
Woah! Gravity is going crazy?! What has Baldi done now?