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Floor 1 is the very first level in Baldi's Basics Plus.

Introduced features


With Baldi and Principal of the Thing as guaranteed characters, seven new random characters are introduced.

Name Image Description
Arts and Crafters Crafters-icon.png Shy, and tries to be avoided. Doesn't like being looked at, and gets jealous at people with more notebooks than him.
It's a Bully Bully-icon.png Here at here school, we believe every good school needs a good Bully! That's why we have this kid!
1st Prize 1stPrize-icon.png Won 1st Prize at the Science Fair! Loves hugging people, rushing towards anyone it sees. Sadly, it turns super slowly.
Gotta Sweep Sweep-icon.png What do you do when the school opens in 7 hours and you haven't hired a janitor? Hire a broom! It sweeps everything!
Cloudy Copter Cloudy-icon.png A cloud who loves being a cloud doing cloudy things. Floats around and blows strong winds down halls.
Chalkles Chalkles-icon.png Some kid drew this face and next thing you know it's floating around, laughing and making mischief.
Beans Beans-icon.png Tries to impress others by blowing bubble gum bubbles, but usually just ends up spitting them out.


The hallways, classrooms, faculty rooms, and the Principal's office are recurring locations. There are two special locations introduced in this level.

Name Image Notes
A massive room where some snack/food-based items and vending machines can be found.
Restores the player's stamina upon visiting this place.

Random events

Two random events are introduced in this level.

Name Image Description
Party at the Principal's office! Come and get your present!
Baldi's fog machine malfunctioned again! Ack! Hack!


With vending machines and the tape player as guaranteed structures, two random interactive structures are introduced in this level.

Name Image Notes
Pay phone
A piece of technology that can distract Baldi if the player inserts a Quarter.
Water fountain
A machine that restores the player's stamina when left-clicked. It can be clicked as many times as the player wants.


  • Floor 1 is first available at Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.
  • There is no difference between a positive seed and its negative counterpart. (For example, -99 and 99)
  • It is possible to get all 4 notebooks before Baldi finishes his countdown.
  • It is very rare for floor 1 to have less than four notebooks.