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Wow, great job. *static skids* Please try and do worse though I need to- ████████
filename2's voice, the normal ending in Baldi's Basics Classic

filename2 is a mysterious, corrupted character who remains hidden in Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. He has yet to reappear in Baldi's Basics Plus to have his origins revealed and what would currently happen to him.


filename2 appears to be a nearly invisible entity, being nothing more than a T-posing set of photo-realistic clothes, hair, eyebrows, and eyes. He wears blue jeans and a red T-shirt. There is what appears to be a very thin line under where his feet would be. Compared to the other characters, he seems to have the highest quality sprite with the least amount of dithering added to his appearance.


filename2 breaks the fourth wall, feeling obviously aware of why or how he is in the game. He claims that he is corrupted for classified reasons, in reference to his voice being glitched: His voice from Baldi's Basics Classic sounds as if he is speaking through a radio, and interrupted with loud beeps every few seconds. In Birthday Bash, his glitched-up voice may have gotten worse, inferred from the fact that he coughs a lot, the radio-like static's quality lowered, and a lot of now-even louder electronic noises playing randomly on quick occasions, making his voice much harder to understand.

His main goal is to encourage the player to destroy the game before something terrible happens.


Baldi's Basics Classic

filename2 is only encountered in Story Mode from both endings.

filename2's voice is first heard during the normal ending screen, where he congratulates the player and informs them to do worse when replaying the game, presumably so they can meet him.

BaldiOffice Classic.png

In the alternate ending after answering every question wrong in all 7 notebooks, once the player reaches the last exit, they are transported to a short hallway near Baldi's Office. Upon entering the room, filename2 will be seen standing behind a desk with a banana to his right floating above it. filename2 will seem to be surprised by the player's arrival, and warn them to never tell anyone about the game, close it, destroy it, and never play it again. Once he finishes his speech, the game will crash.

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

Filename2 in PrincipalOffice.jpeg

filename2 is found in the Principal's office, able to be reached after the schoolhouse turns dark if the player uses a Teleportation Teleporter, uses noclip hacks, or inputs "53045009" into the You Can Think Pad.

He is once again surprised by the player's cleverness in finding him but is disappointed that they have not destroyed the game yet. As he is fully aware of the game itself, filename2 mentions that the Birthday Bash game is a demo for Baldi's Basics Plus. He warns the player again that something bad will happen if they do not destroy the game in time. After he is done speaking, the game crashes just like in Baldi's Basics Classic.


  • filename2 is actually an edited image of Joshua Valent in chroma key without feet, arms, and face, the pants were taken from mystman12.
  • When voicing filename2, mystman12 used a distorted version of his natural speaking voice while using the audio-editing program Audacity. It was encoded by GSM 6.10 and set the sample rate to 8000 while editing the voice.
  • It is a high possibility that the Zalgo-texted parts of the Classic and Birthday Bash descriptions[1][2] were written by filename2, telling the player to not download them, as he does not want the player to play the game.
  • filename2's voice is heard at the end of the Kickstarter video, congratulating the player on finishing the video.[3]
  • Joshua Valent in the Kickstarter video doing filename2's impression.

    In the Kickstarter video, Joshua Valent can be seen doing a T-pose in a striking fashion to filename2, during a short sequence after mystman12 starts laughing about the "lore".[4] Although he does has a haircut and wear a red T-shirt like filename2, Joshua's pants is a pair of brown shorts rather than blue jeans.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In V1.3 of the game, the alternate ending is broken. filename2 is supposed to say his dialogue and then the game is supposed to close afterwards, however, a coding mistake causes the game to close the moment filename2 starts speaking. This was fixed in V1.3.1.
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • filename2 uses the fourth wall breaks as he tells the player to delete the game. This does not land him into detention despite the fact that one of the school rules is "No fourth wall breaks", as Principal of the Thing is not around at the time.
    • However, filename2 being found in the Principal's office in Birthday Bash might imply that he was caught for breaking the fourth wall.


Baldi's Basics Classic
Quote Transcript Description
Wow, great job. *static skids* Please try and do worse though I need to- ████████ Normal ending.
Oh jeepers, you found me! Good job, I'm glad you found me. Look I have something... kind of important t-to say- ████ It's about th-the game... Don't- ████ Uh, Eh. Don't- ████ Don't, just, *laughter* this is.. This is probably looking pretty ridiculous- ████ Don't tell anyone about this game. You wanna.. Don't, don't bring attention to yourself. Destroy- destroy the game. Destroy the game... before... it's too late. ████ What I'm saying is... is get out of this, while you still can. ████ Just, don't- don't- no. You probably- no I'm not someone trapped inside the game, that would be ridiculous, no um.. ████ I can't... this is... I'm not... the game was... kind of... ████ I got really corrupted. Yeah, I... ████ I don't know what to say. Just... Just trust me. We gotta- ████ This isn't... This seems... I me- I mean it seems... oh. ████ They'd know I.. They intentionally... that's... I guess... I can't- They can't tell you, and some... stuff is classified. I can't say it. ████ I wish I could say more. I can't talk normally I- it's corrupted. There's- █ ... Yeah... █ Just... close the program. Destroy it. Never come back. ████████ During the alternate ending.


Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
Quote Transcript Description
Jeepers, you found me again? Wow I... ████ you must be pretty clever. I didn't think you'd find me here. Huhh.. well, ████ you sure aren't clever enough to listen to me. I said to destroy this game before something bad hap- ████ You know... this is more bad than good, I have... *coughing* ████ It's weird, it's completely different- ████ Let me finish- ████ I don't- Idiot- ████ thought it would be a great idea to produce the demo completely separately from the mai- ████ Oh my gosh. Ha, ha, ha- *coughing* ████ Just listen to me, and uh... STOP messing around with this. ████ *sneezing* I don't know why I'm coughing... ack... *sneezing* How does- ████ You think- ████ I'm so psyched... the fact that I'm- I'm REALLY- ████ Look, I told you once, this is the last time I'm gonna tell you. Destroy this game. Don't let anybody else know about it... before ████ *coughing* ████ something terrible happens to you. ████████ In the Principal's office (after the school is darkened).


Transcript Timestamp
Congratulations! You finished the video! 4:55


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