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Field trips (also known as minigames* and trips*) are side-quests in Baldi's Basics Plus as a way to obtain extra items and You Thought Points. There is also a mode where all field trips can be re-played.


The player can enter one of the random field trips by contacting with Baldi's bus in the outdoor area of the Super Schoolhouse. For now, floor 2 is the only floor featuring Baldi's Bus.

Before playing the field trip, Baldi will talk about how to play it. The introduction can be skipped by pressing the ESC key.

Completing a field trip will reward the player up to 3 items and 300 You Thought Points depending on the number of yellow stars shown on the results screen. However, if the player loses all yellow stars, they will not receive anything.

Once completing a field trip, it is unable to replay it in a single round. In other words, if the player loses a life after completing a field trip, they cannot get items from the field trip.



Name Screenshot Goal
Camping Camping.png Matching the correct amount of firewood with math problems to keep the fires burning.
Farm Farm.png Bringing all matching animals to the barn before the timer runs out.


Name Screenshot Goal
Wild west TBA TBA
Water treatment plant TBA TBA


  • The camping field trip was the very first trip to be revealed, being in Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping.
  • The player was meant to visit and explore around the field trips freely at first. This applies to the first two field trips (camping and farm), as they were available on the field trip demo, Kickstarter exclusive demo, and Baldi's Basics Plus until V0.2.2. Upon release of the update patch V0.3, camping field trip is revamped into simple UI-like minigames first, then the same goes on the farm field trip in V0.3.2.
  • Even if the player gets just 2 stars at the end, they still earn items gained from achieving 3 stars.
    • However, if the player earns only 1 star, then they only get one item.
  • mystman12 confirmed in his Kickstarter comment reply that there will be currently at least 12 field trips added to Baldi's Basics Plus.[1]
  • A new field trip was planned to be added in V0.2 of Baldi's Basics Plus, but it was canceled. However, there will be new field trips in future updates.[2]
  • Prior to V0.3, the player would lose all items from the Super Schoolhouse from the inventory when failing a field trip.
  • When the player is caught by Baldi, the jumpscare noise will continue to play for a few seconds longer than usual after being teleported back to the main game. This no longer happen in V0.3 because the mechanic became completely different.
  • Since V0.3, the player can no longer pause the game during the field trip in order to prevent cheating.[3]
  • The sound of the xylophone when the player completes an objective was taken from Warner Bros..


  • In V0.1.5 of Baldi's Basics Plus, if other characters tried to chase the player during field trips, they would fall through the ground and flee away from the player. Cloudy Copter and Gotta Sweep still worked fine as they did not have a chasing mechanic in field trips.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, when entering a field trip, some game mechanics, such as detention timer and captions, would still appear on screen. However, the mechanics would freeze during the game, but still go on during the field trip.
  • Entering a field trip while Baldi eats An Apple will mute all sounds after a few seconds. While muted, the next phase will start immediately after the current phase is over. This also applies to some music like School and Dance until closing the game.



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