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Play endless versions of your favorite fields trips and try to set the highest scores!
— Description

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Field Trips is a mode included in Baldi's Basics Plus.


This mode lists available field trips for the player to play endlessly at any time to set high scores or just practice.


Name Screenshot Description
Camping Camping endless.png Help Baldi put the correct amount of sticks in each fire! You'll need to be a quick thinker if you want the highest score!
Farm Farm endless.png Help the farmer bring his animals back into the barn! Lead them through a corn maze as quickly as you can! The faster you are, the more points you'll earn!


  • This mode is first revealed on the description section of Basically, Games! website's Baldi's Basics Press Kit page.[1] It soon became available for the first release of Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • Before V0.1.2, the farm field trip's former description had a misspelled word, where "out" was spelled as "ouit".
  • Before V0.3, the results when finishing a field trip was usually shown on a blank white screen instead of a chalkboard. Plus, the field trip would end when reaching the goal.
  • In V0.3 to V0.3.1, pressing and holding the "Esc" key would not quit the field trip in this mode.
  • Before V0.3.2, the description of the mode read:
Go on a field trip whenever you want and try to set the best scores possible!



  1. "Field Trips: Play field trips found in the main game whenever you like! You can try to set high scores, or just practice!" - Baldi's Basics Press Kit | Basically, Games!