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Let's go to the farm!
— Baldi

The farm is one of the field trips in Baldi's Basics Plus.



The farm takes place at a maze with loads of corn walls and a barn on the top-left.

The objective is to bring all matching animals to the barn in the alloted time.

In Hide-and-Seek and Explorer Mode, there are a total of three rounds and each round has a different animal to get into the barn.

In every round, a random animal will be shown in the window on top of the barn. The respective animal's sound will be played.

If all matching animals are not brought in time or a wrong animal is brought to the barn, a star is lost accompanied with a screaming sound (possibly from the farmer).

The player can get the animal to the barn by clicking on the animal and dragging it to the barn's entrance. Note that animals cannot be dragged through the walls of the corn maze or into the barn from the right side.

2022-03-19 (34).png

After completing all rounds, a message written in a chalkboard appears. It says: "Thanks to you, all the work is done sooner (Rather than later)! The hot dogs smell great!". When failing for losing all three stars, it says: "You lost?! Try better next time!".

In the Field Trips mode, there are an infinite amount of rounds. After every five rounds, the maze will be shuffled. After the 10th round (if the player does not fail before), sheep are added in the farm. The timer changes as the player progresses. Points will be received based on the time left.


Farm Plus V0.2.2.png

The farm field trip appears completely different prior to V0.3. There was a checkered flag for the goal beyond this point instead of a barn. The player had to navigate the maze and reach the flag to complete the field trip. After completing, there were stars for the grade and the player would receive some items to use in the Super Schoolhouse. If the timer reached a random time between 150 and 350, a giant Gotta Sweep would appear and reap all the corn, getting rid of the entire maze. After Gotta Sweep completely passed through the player, Baldi would spawn and chase them down. After reaching the flag, a message that appeared in the chalkboard said: "You made it through! You win the knowledge of how good corn is, and these items!".

The old description was "Find your way out of the corn maze as quickly as possible!".


Number of failures Stars Rewards
2 1 1 item, 100 YTPs
1 2 3 items, 200 YTPs
0 3 3 items, 300 YTPs


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • In V0.3 and V0.3.1, the farm field trip was unavailable because it was in development. Therefore, the mode description read: "The farm field trip will return shortly! Baldi apologizes for the delay.". However, this description still exists in the caption json file.
  • In the first teaser of the new version, the maze is multi-colored and displayed on the camping field trip.
  • Unlike the camping field trip, Baldi only appears when guiding the player here.
  • The sounds of screaming and animals are taken from Warner Bros..
  • A list of animals in the coding scripts.

    There is a gorilla referenced in the code that was never implemented into the game.
  • Unlike the camping minigame, the farm minigame does not have a 3D modeled scenario.
  • The animal sounds of the farm field trip may have been inspired by the weird animal sounds in the character selection screen in Sonic's Schoolhouse.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, the endless variant of the maze would have the same layout every round.

Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo
  • It was first revealed in the Kickstarter campaign section's description.[1] It later became first available in the Kickstarter exclusive demo.
  • In the first version of Kickstarter exclusive demo, Baldi's incorrect sprite is in his camping outfit when chasing the player. This was fixed in the V1.1 update.
  • A huge number of badly-drawn signs are found in the corn maze. The text reads "More weird corn maze signs to come! -Baldi".
  • When the player moves, the corn will grow until the player stops moving.
  • At the edge of the corn maze, the grass texture is used, but it has been stretched.


  • In Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1, Baldi did not move in the farm field trip. This was fixed in the next update.
  • Rarely, animals would get stuck at the frame of the maze and could not get picked up.


Quote Caption Description
BUH-GAWK! Chicken's sound.
MOOO! Cow's sound.
OOINK! Pig's sound.
BAAH! Sheep's sound.
N/A When the right animal is brought to the barn.
Screaming sound when failed to bring all matching animals.




  1. "You might have to keep a fire burning while camping, escape a corn maze while visiting a farm, or keep digester domes from collapsing while visiting a waste water treatment plant!" - Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - Full game! by Micah McGonigal - Kickstarter campaign description