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For the item, see Faculty Nametag.

No entering faculty only rooms in the halls!
— Principal of the Thing

Faculty rooms are rooms in the Baldi's Basics series that are listed as off-limits on one of the school rules by Principal of the Thing.


The faculty room door.

The faculty room with round tables.

The faculty room with a lunch table and a water fountain.

These rooms appear similar to the Principal's office, as there is a blue carpet floor and white brick walls with green molding. However, there are pieces of furniture with useful items on top of them. Faculty rooms also sometimes have more than one door, meaning they can be used as a shortcut to avoid Baldi, Gotta Sweep, or other characters and obstacles. There are three different types of faculty rooms:

  • Faculty rooms with scattered big desks; there are no other features other than randomized positions of items, globes and papers, and rarely, lockers. This type of room has windows.
  • Faculty rooms with round tables; each of them having a set of four chairs. These faculty rooms also contain vending machines that dispense different food and drink items (BSODA and Energy Flavored Zesty Bar). The tables also contain some food trays and sometimes bananas. This type of room has windows as well. Sometimes, if the room is small, there is a chance that no furniture, objects, nor items will be generated in it.
  • Faculty rooms with cafeteria lunch tables instead of the usual desks, named as faculty locker rooms*; they also have lockers and a water fountain. Sometimes, this type of room has no items nor lunch tables, due to the room being too small to generate them.


Main gameplay


A different amount of faculty rooms generate depending on the floor:

The player can find more useful items in faculty rooms than in other locations. If Principal of the Thing sees the player going in, leaving, or remaining inside of these rooms, he will scold them for breaking the "No entering faculty" rule. Using the Faculty Nametag will allow the player to enter the faculty rooms freely without punishment, albeit for a limited time.

Endless Mode - Medium

There are 5 faculty rooms. The items' locations are listed as follows:


There are only faculty rooms with big desks.

  • In the Speedy Challenge, there are 40 faculty rooms. The items' locations are listed as follows:
  • 1st room: Quarter
  • 2nd room: None
  • 3rd room: None
  • 4th room: Quarter
  • 5th room: Quarter
  • 6th room: None
  • 7th room: None
  • 8th room: None
  • 9th room: None
  • 10th room: None
  • 11th room: Quarter
  • 12th room: None
  • 13th room: Quarter
  • 14th room: None
  • 15th room: Quarter
  • 16st room: None
  • 17nd room: None
  • 18rd room: None
  • 19th room: None
  • 20th room: Quarter
  • 21st room: BSODA
  • 22nd room: Quarter
  • 23rd room: None
  • 24th room: None
  • 25th room: Quarter
  • 26th room: Quarter
  • 27th room: None
  • 28th room: None
  • 29th room: Quarter
  • 30th room: None
  • 31st room: Quarter
  • 32nd room: None
  • 33rd room: None
  • 34th room: None
  • 35th room: Quarter
  • 36th room: Quarter
  • 37th room: Two Quarters
  • 38th room: Quarter
  • 39th room: Quarter
  • 40th room: Quarter
  • In the Stealthy Challenge, there are 10 faculty rooms. The items' locations are listed as follows:
  • 1st room: Two Dirty Chalk Erasers
  • 2nd room: Energy Flavored Zesty Bar
  • 3rd room: Two Dirty Chalk Erasers
  • 4th room: Two Dirty Chalk Erasers
  • 5th room: Energy Flavored Zesty Bar
  • 6th room: Energy Flavored Zesty Bar
  • 7th room: Two Dirty Chalk Erasers
  • 8th room: Energy Flavored Zesty Bar
  • 9th room: Energy Flavored Zesty Bar
  • 10th room: Two Dirty Chalk Erasers
  • In the Grapple Challenge, there are 25 faculty rooms. The items' locations are listed as follows:
  • 1st room: WD-NoSquee
  • 2nd room: WD-NoSquee
  • 3rd room: WD-NoSquee
  • 4th room: WD-NoSquee
  • 5th room: None
  • 6th room: Swinging Door Lock
  • 7th room: None
  • 8th room: None
  • 9th room: Swinging Door Lock
  • 10th room: Two Quarters
  • 11th room: BSODA
  • 12th room: Swinging Door Lock
  • 13th room: WD-NoSquee
  • 14th room: None
  • 15th room: None
  • 16th room: None
  • 17th room: None
  • 18th room: Swinging Door Lock
  • 19th room: WD-NoSquee
  • 20th room: Swinging Door Lock
  • 21st room: WD-NoSquee
  • 22nd room: WD-NoSquee
  • 23rd room: None
  • 24th room: None
  • 25th room: BSODA

Other appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the faculty rooms use a regular white brick wall texture with no green molding. The faculty rooms contain a chalkboard, uncollectible notebooks, pencils and post-it notes, plants, and lack the round tables. One of them has lunch tables but has no water fountains. There are five faculty rooms altogether. The rooms have the same floor and wall textures for the classrooms. The items' locations are listed as follows:
    • 1st room: Yellow Door Lock
    • 2nd room: Principal's Keys and WD-NoSquee (Door Type)
    • 3rd room: Quarter and Alarm Clock
    • 4th room: Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape
    • 5th room: Energy flavored Zesty Bar
  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, there is also a faculty room in the glitched school near 0th Prize's wall. It contains a big desk with a salmon notebook, a minimized and titled closing wall with an exit connected with an outdoor area, and a green, a blue, and two purple SpoopBalloons.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, the faculty rooms' floor texture is a gray tile. Similar to Classic/Birthday Bash, there are five rooms in total. The items' locations are listed as follows:
    • 1st room: Grappling Hook
    • 2nd room: Swinging Door Lock
    • 3rd room: Quarter and Principal's Keys
    • 4th room: Baldi's Least Favorite Tape
    • 5th room: Quarter
  • In all demos except for Field Trip demo, there are only faculty rooms with big desks. Field Trip demo does not have any rooms.


This is a list for all defaulted rooms. In Hide-and-Seek, Explorer Mode, and Endless Mode - Random, each faculty room comes with random strings of items and objects.



The map showing five faculty rooms connected to each other.

Baldi's Basics Plus

A tiny faculty room.

  • Rarely, five faculty rooms can be connected to each other with doors. It possibly can only be found from the playground area.
  • It is incredibly rare to have a tiny faculty room.
  • Some faculty rooms may not have any doors. The only way to enter the faculty room is by using the Portal Poster, or using the Dangerous Teleporter.
Classic/Birthday Bash
  • The chalkboards in all of these rooms say "Today's Lesson: How to eat cheese", except for the one with the Yellow Door Lock that says "PLace lore here".
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • The faculty rooms have underwent many changes:
    • Prior to V1.4.3, Playtime can enter these rooms randomly. In the said patch, she will only enter the room when chasing the player.
    • In V1.3, the faculty room containing the Alarm Clock was rearranged slightly to accommodate the new item, with the Quarter originally in the back corner being replaced with the Alarm Clock, and instead moved to a desk near the door. It is also extremely dangerous to attempt to get the clock while Baldi is nearby, unless the WD-NoSquee was applied to the door.
    • The Big Ol' Boots poster was added in the V1.4.3 update.


  • Sometimes, entering a faculty room through the Principal's office or the cafeteria will result in it not being added to the map.
  • Since V0.3.3, the entrance of one of the faculty rooms in the Stealthy Challenge has been blocked by a wall, so it cannot be accessed. In V0.3.3 and V0.3.4, the door could be interacted with through the wall.
    • The outside door to this faculty room was added in V0.3.5. However, the player still cannot enter the room because the wall will block the entrance after opening a door.


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