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For the location, see Faculty room.

The Faculty Nametag is an inventory item in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The Faculty Nametag is a 3D-modeled name tag with the text "Hello. I'm Faculty".


When used, a nametag will display at the bottom center of the screen and will keep rotating for 30 seconds.

The Faculty Nametag when used.

The Faculty Nametag can be used to trick characters into thinking that the player is a faculty member of the school:

  • Playtime will not play with the player, unless they are already playing the jump rope minigame with her.
  • Arts and Crafters will not "attack" the player if he is not triggered.
  • It's a Bully will let the player pass by him without taking an item.
  • Principal of the Thing will not scold the player for breaking the school rules. However, he will still send the player to detention if they broke the rule before wearing the Faculty Nametag.
  • Chalkles will not spawn on a blank chalkboard when the player enters a classroom. Even if the Nametag expires, he will not spawn in the classroom until the player enters the classroom with this character while the Nametag is not in effect.
  • Beans will not chew and spit gum in front of the player, but he will still spit a gum if he is already chewing the gum before using this item.
  • Mrs. Pomp will not invite the player to her class when she sees them for the first time or after her cooldown time is over.


The Faculty Nametag in a faculty room.

The Faculty Nametag in Johnny's Store.

A Faculty Nametag in the library.

A Faculty Nametag in the library.

The Faculty Nametag is located rarely in faculty rooms and commonly in the library. They can be bought in Johnny's Store for 50 You Thought Points.


  • The Faculty Nametag was first found in Full Game Early Demo's coding scripts. The item was later first added in the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.
  • Baldi, The Test, and 1st Prize are the only characters to not get tricked by the Nametag.
    • Furthermore, the Nametag has no effect on Gotta Sweep and Cloudy Copter as they do not directly interact with the player.
    • According to the item's store description, Baldi will still chase the player because he knows the Nametag is fake. The reason for 1st Prize and The Test ignoring the Faculty Nametag is not confirmed yet.
    • Before Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.3, even if the Nametag was in effect, Beans could still spit gum at them and Chalkles could still spawn on a blank chalkboard.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Prior to V0.1.5, sometimes, even after the rotating nametag disappears, the effect may still last permanently until Baldi catches the player or completing the floor.
  • A Nametag sprite in the advanced map screen.

    Prior to V0.3.6, any sprite of the Nametag's usage animation could be viewed depending on when the player paused, and could still be seen on the screen of the advanced map.
  • After quitting the game, any sprite of this item will appear for a short time in a white screen.