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Explore Baldi's Super Schoolhouse to your heart's content! You can explore any level you've reached in Hide-and-Seek.
— Description of Explorer Mode

Explorer Mode, formerly known as Free Run Mode and Free-Roam Mode, is one of the modes in Baldi's Basics Plus.


This mode allows the player to explore the locations in the Super Schoolhouse freely and/or safely without Baldi chasing them, as Baldi will vanish right after the countdown. Even though Baldi will still appear in field trips, he does not harm the player here.

Completing the game in Explorer Mode will send the player back to the title screen, as it is required to beat Hide-and-Seek to get the ending.


  • It was first introduced in Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, called "Free Run".
  • Strangely enough, the broken ruler event will still occur despite Baldi's absence.
  • The mode's description from Kickstarter Exclusive Demo reads: "You can explore freely in this mode!"