The Exits are four areas in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning that are the Player's only means of escaping the school. They appear only during Final Mode, but one of them can be seen at the beginning of the game. They disappear after the protagonist tries to escape by using the exit.


Each exit has two plant pots, two windows, and hall lights attached to the ceiling. There is also a hanging sign with red EXIT text.


There are four exits that can be found. One at the start, two in the hallways, and one in the cafeteria. The player cannot escape through these exits until the player obtains all 7 notebooks.


The hallway after reaching the first exit.

Once the player obtains all 7 notebooks, heading to one of the exits blocks it off, an alarm sound will play and the whole school changes in color to blood red (except entities and items). Heading to another exit makes an increasingly loud bass noise until the player gets caught by Baldi or they win. They must go to all four exits to win the game. When the player goes through the 4th exit, Filename2 will say some dialogue accompanied by the 'YOU WON' screen, then the game will crash.

There is a fifth exit that doesn't work. This exit is next to a globe in one of the faculty rooms, but no exit is to be seen. Reaching this exit does not progress the game.


  • Exits use the same color as the yellow doors but function differently and are normally accompanied by an Exit sign.
  • The exits do not appear in Endless Mode even after collecting 7 notebooks.
  • This is suggested by an audio file about the Slingshot that's called "MEC_SLINGSHOT".
  • Before the "MEC_SLINGSHOT" sound was used in update patch 1.3, the sound's filename suggests that there was an unused item the Player would use to possibly defend themselves against Baldi and other characters. Upon said update's release, the sound now plays when the Player puts the tape in the tape recorder, and even the fake exits. According to one of Mystman12's tweets[1], the sound was intended to be used in a pinball game he is working on.
  • The red color that the school turns when the first exit is reached was actually made darker in Update 1.3.


Audio Description
MEC SLINGSHOT-sharedassets2.assets-564
The sound that emits when reaching the first fake exit.






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