The Exits are four areas that are the Player's only means of escaping the school. They are exclusive to Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.

The first exit from the starting area appears visible but the Player cannot go through this location's door. This, along with the other three, will disappear when the Player answers a problem wrong, but will reappear after finding all 7 notebooks.


Each exit has two potted plants, two windows, and hall lights attached to the ceiling. There is also a hanging sign with red "EXIT" text.


Main Gameplay

There are four exits that can be found. One at the starting point, two in the other hallways, and one in the Cafeteria. The Player cannot escape through these exits until they obtain all 7 notebooks.


The hallway after reaching the first exit.

Once the Player obtains all 7 notebooks, heading to one of the exits blocks it off, an alarm sound will play and the whole school changes in color to blood red (except entities, items, and sprite objects). Heading to another exit makes an increasingly loud bass noise until the Player gets caught by Baldi or they win. When the Player reaches the exits except for the last one, they will change into maps, showing a layout of the school.

The Player must go to all four exits to win the game. When the Player goes through the 4th exit, Filename2 will say some dialogue accompanied by the "YOU WON" screen, then the game will crash.

There is another exit that doesn't work. This exit is next to a large globe in a Faculty Room with a Swinging Door Lock, but there is only a sign above the globe and no doors. Reaching this exit does not progress the game.

Other Appearances


  • Exits have swinging doors but they function differently and are purely for aesthetic reasons besides detecting collision once the Player has triggered 3 exits.
  • Float

    The floating exit sign next to the Cafeteria exit.

    All exits in the game feature two plants, two windows, two walls, one floor, one fake swinging door, one "EXIT" sign, and the same type of ceiling. Due to the fact all exits have an exit sign, it means a floating exit sign can be spotted in the Cafeteria; as it's not connected to a ceiling.
  • In Endless Mode, the exits can only be seen before the Player answers a problem wrong. They do not reappear in even after collecting 7 notebooks.
    • Through hacking in both modes, the exits are still found underneath the map.
  • The sound the exit location makes when disappearing is called "MEC_SLINGSHOT". According to the mystman12's Twitter,[1][2] this sound was intended to be used in a pinball game he was working on.
  • The red color that the school turns when the first exit is reached was actually made darker in V1.3.
  • By enabling all characters in the beginning of the game, with hacking, it is revealed that they cannot walk to the exit areas. This is due to the exit areas not having a walkable navmesh for the characters.


Audio Description
MEC SLINGSHOT-sharedassets2.assets-564
The sound that emits when reaching the first fake exit.


Baldi's Basics Classic
Birthday Bash



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  2. "Those would all be cool features for sure! Fun fact though, I never actually considered putting a slingshot in until LostBits video mentioned it. The file named "MEC_SLINGSHOT" was actually a sound used for the slingshots in the pinball game I've been working on." - mystman12. June 14, 2018. Twitter.


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