Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is an inventory item found in random places of Baldi's Basics Plus.


Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is a chocolate bar with a purple, white, and green wrapper that is peeled halfway off. one half of the wrapper is green, three eighths is white, and one eighth is purple.


Main Gameplay


Energy Flavored Zesty Bar in a faculty room.

Right-clicking with an Energy Flavored Zesty Bar selected refills the Player's stamina bar and allows them to run for a short amount of time without losing any stamina. After the Player uses the stamina bonus up, the stamina bar will be at 100% and the Player will start using stamina normally.

It's best to use the Zesty Bar towards the end of the game when Baldi is a lot faster, as the Player must have as much stamina as they can so they can run from Baldi easier.


In the Stealthy Challenge, the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is one of the only few items to use, along with the Dirty Chalk Eraser. The Player can use the Zesty Bar to quickly get away and hide from the Principal clones.


Main Gameplay

The Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is commonly found in the Cafeteria (where they can also be purchased from the Vending Machines with the Quarter), and slightly rarely in Faculty Rooms. Furthermore, the Zesty Bar is one of the possible rewards when beating the field trip.

Other Appearances


  • The word "zesty" is actually a word used for describing a portion of food to have a strong, pleasant, and citrus-like flavor.
  • The Energy Flavored Zesty Bar was requested by Joshua Valent, mystman12's cousin, during the classic edition's production.[1]
  • The bar, as confirmed by mystman12, is a Kirkland Signature protein bar. The reason the wrapper appears green is that he took a picture of it in front of a green screen and the foil reflected the green.[2]
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • The reason why the Player can still run after eating an Energy Flavored Zesty Bar without losing stamina is that it doesn't actually refill their stamina. It sets the stamina to 200%, whereas normally the stamina's max would be 100%. Meaning the Player has double the stamina, but the stamina bar displays as full until they get back to 100% stamina or less. Notebooks also only fill the stamina to 100% if the Player's stamina is less than 100%, so they will not do anything if the Player has eaten an Energy Flavored Zesty Bar.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Before the V1.1 update, there was no Energy Flavored Zesty Bar in the Cafeteria on one of the tables.
  • Before the V1.3 update, eating an Energy Flavored Zesty Bar near Principal of the Thing results in punishment as he says "No eating food in the halls." and leads the Player to detention.
  • The word "Flavored" for the item's name was lacking its capitalization. This was changed for the release of the early demo.
Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo / Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo
  • If the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar is used in a blue locker, the stamina will not regenerate until the Player leaves the locker.


Baldi's Basics Classic
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo


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  2. "The reason it looks green in the game is because I took a picture of it on a green screen, and the foil inside reflected all that." - mystman12, Twitter DM



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