Endless Mode is the secondary game mode in Baldi's Basics Plus. The goal is to collect as many notebooks as possible until Baldi catches the Player.



Collect as many notebooks as you can before Baldi tags you! Baldi speeds up over time, but notebooks slow him down!

The Player can choose 'Random' or 'Medium' option before starting the mode.

Random option starts randomly generated level with the custom or random seed. It is also possible to generate a seed by clicking on the high score. In the elevator, the floor acronym is "ER".

Medium option starts the level with pre-generated medium-sized map. In the elevator, the floor acronym is "EM".


Collect as many notebooks as you can!

Upon starting, the gameplay is no different until the Player reaches the third notebook. Instead of having an unsolvable third question in Story Mode, each question is answerable, as well as all of the notebooks after. Aside from this, Baldi's behavior also changes. Answering all three problems correctly in a notebook will slightly decrease his speed, emphasizing the objective to answer as many problems correctly as possible, and allowing the Player to avoid him longer in-game. While he will still become faster should the Player answer a problem incorrectly, the speed curve will gradually increase independently over time. Thus he will eventually speed up more and more on his own, with correctly answered notebooks affecting him less and less. After a certain amount of time, Baldi's speed will become so fast that he will be practically impossible to avoid, meaning that in order to achieve a high score, they must get as many notebooks as possible in his easier phase at the beginning. The longer the game lasts, and the more notebooks the Player collects, the faster Baldi will become overall.


  • The notebooks will make a sound when they respawn.[1]
  • As the Player collects more notebooks, the effect on Baldi's speed will be reduced. Because of this, his speed slowly curves higher over time, until he becomes quite literally impossible to avoid.
  • In the current version of Baldi's Basics Plus, the word "Mode" on its name is not capitalized. It is unknown this is intentional or not.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Screenshot 20190207-182221

    Text that shows whenever the Player gets a new high score.

    There is some red text that appears when the Player collected more notebooks than their record saying "WOAH WOW KAZOW! THAT'S A NEW HIGHEST SCORE!".
  • In the icon, Baldi's ruler is untextured for an unknown reason.
  • When the Player answers all three questions correctly in the 3rd notebook and onward, then the You Can Think Pad shows text that will either say "Keep up the good work or see me after class..." or "That's more like it...".
  • Endless Mode is not available in all demos.


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