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The Baldi's Basics series has a few endings that correspond to the decisions made by the player before they complete the games.

So far, Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash have two endings. All of the demos and Baldi's Basics Plus have one ending each.



Baldi's Basics Plus


After completing floor 3 and pressing the button in the elevator, the player will enter an empty room, presumably Baldi's Office. There are some balloons and a desk. Behind the desk, Baldi is standing there and is singing to the player.

Just a few seconds later, the screen starts to corrupt and the song will become super accelerated. The game switches to a distorted and randomly-colored version of the BadSum screen with text saying:

Fake error after the ending.png


99 -

Please read NULL for more info.

After completing any of the challenges, Baldi's quote "WOW!" will play and an image with Baldi giving a realistic thumb and a message appears saying:

Wow, you did it! Baldi gives your
performance a up! See if you can
win them all!

After a few seconds, the screen goes black and the game sends the player back to the title screen.

Baldi's Basics Classic

The normal ending will end with the message, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU WON!" and have Baldi standing by the chalkboard like the title screen of the game, but with a simplified color palette. filename2 speaks to the player for a brief moment, saying, "Wow, great job. *static skids* Please try and do worse though I need to- ████████". The game closes after he finishes speaking.

The alternate ending (also known as secret ending) is found if the player gets all 21 questions wrong on all 7 notebooks. A tip to get the alternate ending is to stall Baldi by collecting notebooks every few minutes or so, because collecting them quickly makes Baldi move faster. Upon touching the final exit, the player is teleported just outside of Baldi's Office, in front of a texture that says "You Won! There's room for improvement though... Go see Baldi in his office for some tips!" Behind the text, the player can see a Baldi head frowning. Upon entering Baldi's Office, filename2 speaks to the player for a bit before the game crashes. It is very difficult to obtain this ending as Baldi moves super fast.

Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash

The way to reach this ending is very similar to the normal one in Baldi's Basics Classic. However, in this game, the player has to reach the exit door in the cafeteria last because the cafeteria exit will appear after the other three exits are reached.

After reaching the last door, Gotta Sweep, Playtime, Baldi, Principal of the Thing, It's a Bully, Arts and Crafters, and 1st Prize surprise the player, and Baldi then invites them to blow out the candle on top of the cake.

Once the player blows out the candle, the entire Schoolhouse will become dimly lit, and the rest of the characters will float up to a similar height to the player, but they will not be interactive or be able to move at all. The player will be able to float over the floor to leave the elevator platform, and on either side of the top of the cafeteria, there will be an entrance to a hallway that leads to the glitched school that is located above the Schoolhouse.

There will be an ambience of extremely rapid ruler slaps at random intervals and volumes, though Baldi is not the source of the sound. Two of the glitched rooms contain salmon notebooks that function normally, though they play a strange remix of Baldi saying "1" forwards and reversed over and over, which also sounds like the "Learn" track. Obtaining these notebooks will not affect the game, but the notebook counter will increase. After the player gets a problem wrong, a pitched-down version of Baldi saying "You need to collect 2 notebooks before you can use these doors." will be heard.

One of the glitched rooms leads to the puzzle room. Once the player enters the correct number of SpoopBalloons, a wall will open to reveal a room with a circle of chairs and a chalkboard, and Baldi saying "WOW!" can be heard. When the player enters the room, the game will begin to spawn red SpoopBalloons that come out of the walls and follow the player around, making a glitchy noise. Distorted Baldi posters will also begin appearing on random walls.

As the player attempts to escape the glitched school, more and more red SpoopBalloons will appear. After a few minutes, if the player collected 9/9 notebooks, red SpoopBalloons will keep appearing at a very fast speed that the player will have difficulty moving, and may possibly glitch up to the ceiling of the hallway. After a certain amount of time passes, a dark win screen will appear, and the player will only be able to close the game.

filename2 can be found in the Principal's office, able to be reached after the schoolhouse turns dark if the player uses the Teleportation Teleporter or types "53045009" on the You Can Think Pad in the glitched school. He is once again surprised by the player's wit and intelligence in finding him but is disappointed that they have not destroyed the game yet. He warns them again that something bad will happen if they do not destroy it, and the game crashes.


Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping

Field Trip demo V1.1 Ending.png

This ending appears to be a winning screen when the time runs out while the player survives by constantly putting logs into the campfire. When this happens, it will say "Wow-time, you won!" and the final score will be displayed. This is where the player get some great rewards based on their score in Baldi's Basics Plus. It also plays a little jingle that is similar to the title screen. However, the jingle plays in a rather different tone.

Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo


After collecting all 8 notebooks and entering the functional elevator, a look of Baldi's face but up close will appear, and will congratulate the player saying,

"Congratulations! You beat my demo!"

Although, for whatever reason, Baldi's voice is glitched out, somewhat similar to the sound of a radio losing signal. After Baldi's speech, Baldi's mouth remains open, and his nose, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth turn completely black.

After some time, the game closes.

Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo

After completing the third floor in Hide-and-Seek, once the elevator's intermission screen closed up, the player will be brought to an empty but infinite black room with Baldi solely idling. Turning around or looking back, there is a message which reads:

Some day, you will get the
satisfying, canonical, and exciting
ending that you deserve.

Today is not that day.

When looking at Baldi again after a few seconds later, Baldi begins to dab and shake, accompanied by a loud bass-boosted sound. Then, the game automatically closes.

This ending was also used in Baldi's Basics Plus prior to V0.3, but the game sent the player back to the title screen, instead of closing the game. Also, Baldi seemed darker because of the new lighting system.

Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo

It has the same Challenge Mode ending, but not including Baldi's "WOW!" quote.


  • In almost all games, the endings look mysterious and end with distortions and glitches.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • The Challenge Mode's ending text has a grammatical error. The phrase "an up" is misspelled as "a up".
  • There were some differences prior to V0.3.3:
    • The ending room's floor acronym was "F3". It was changed to "YAY" in this version.
    • Baldi appears right after reaching the last elevator. Since this version, Baldi will show up when the Dance music plays.
    • A tape player was standing above the desk.
    • In the Challenge Mode's ending, there was a "Main Menu" button at the bottom in the screen after completing a challenge. This button leaded to the title screen once it was clicked.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • The normal ending with the old skybox color.

    Prior to the V1.2, the normal ending has a background color of the sky before V1.3. It is changed to entirely white in V1.2.
  • The alternate ending was added in V1.3, but there was an error in the coding where the game closes when filename2 attempts to speak.[1] V1.3.1 fixes this issue.
  • In earlier versions of the game before V1.2.2, the normal ending image lacks the dialogue audio of filename2, leaving the game to close after a few seconds. This was changed in V1.3.
  • While it seems impossible to get 21 questions wrong without Baldi reaching a speed that the player has no chance of escaping, the V1.3 update makes it so that Baldi's speed only increases if at least 1 question is wrong per notebook, instead of each incorrectly answered problem making him faster.
  • Through hacking in the alternate ending, it is possible to see the stamina bar, inventory, and the text floating high above the school outside the map boundaries. Since they do not show up in the HUD in the alternate ending, they are located here. The inventory and text can even be cycled through.
  • Baldi is missing an eyebrow in the normal ending image due to the compressed color palette and the Baldi image seems to be slightly stretched.
  • Thank you message.png
    In the alternate ending, by opening the scene in Unity, a hidden thank you message from mystman12 himself can be seen. It reads as:
    • Note that the word "horribly" is misspelled as "horrily" and there are missing punctuation marks. The message mentioning the game being poorly compiled references that they need to decompile the game to see it. This Easter egg was also briefly mentioned by mystman12 in the second Baldi's Basics Classic Lost Bits video.[2]
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • It is confirmed that there is no alternate ending in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, when the player gets all 21 (27 including the notebooks in the glitched school) questions wrong.[3]


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