The elevator is a vertical transportation machine in Baldi's Basics Plus, used for moving the Player between floors of the Super Schoolhouse.


While its current final design has yet to be shown for the game's release, the elevator's placeholder textures include a lighter lime-green door with the "ELEVATE" text, a TV screen in the upper left-hand corner with some gears below it, tubes on the right, two screens and what appears to be two alarms on both upper corners.


Main Gameplay

Due to the fact that the original Schoolhouse will be a towering building,[1] instead of returning to the exit to win the game like in the classic edition, the Player will have to head for an elevator instead to complete each level. In some or all levels, the elevator shutter doors might close on the Player after approaching.

Inside the elevator, there are green tubes as the Player's lives at the right and the current level as the floor on the top. A level seed is located next to the floor text. After the Player completes each level, an intermission screen appears to show the results (Time, YTPs Earned, Total YTPs, and Current Grade).

Each floor gets more elevators. On Floor 1, there is only one elevator, on Floor 2, there are two elevators, while on Floor 3, there are four elevators.


Other Appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, there are no elevators. Instead, the exits are the only way out of Here School.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, there are three elevators in the building and another one in the playground. The elevator first opens and closes while the Player is greeted by Baldi in front of them. All elevators are opened after collecting 8 notebooks and the Player has to find every elevator to complete the demo. Two of the elevators in the building and another in the playground are closed if the Player comes close to them and a shutter door located in front of the elevator will close. When the shutter door closes, Baldi will hear the sound and go towards the Player if he knows where they are.

The intermission screen, displaying placeholder values.

  • In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, before starting the level, the game shows the earlier concept design with placeholder features for the inside of the elevator. Before V1.2 update, the intermission screen will always display the same values. The current version shows the amount of You Thought Points, but other values are still placeholders.
  • In Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo, it has the same appearance as the one seen in the full game early demo.


  • The HD version of the elevator has 4 buttons where a floor chooser would usually be, hinting that there maybe will be a 4th floor in a future update.
  • When the elevator opens and closes, the sound effect is (supposedly) mystman12 making sound effects with his mouth.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, reaching the third elevator after collecting all notebooks, the gates with the letters R, U, and N appear as the shutter when the door closes. It seems that this spells out RUN, encouraging the Player to escape. Baldi will slightly increase his speed until he is impossible to escape from.
    • All the other characters disappear at this time.
  • In the first development build gameplay, the shutter doors looked completely different, while only having one sprite. Plus, the sound when the shutter doors close was the same as one for closing non-swinging doors.
  • Grade code
    In the game file for Baldi's Basics Plus, there are unused values to feature the grade.
    • While the current grade section on the intermission screen is still a placeholder, interestingly, the grade is set as "BB+", which is a short for Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • The buzz sound effect is also used in the Math Machine when the Player puts a wrong Number Balloon on it.
  • The opening sound for the elevator was removed in the Kickstarter exclusive demo as it is not heard when starting a floor.
    • Although it can be heard when the elevators open once all notebooks have been collected.


Sound Subtitles Description
Elv Open-sharedassets3.assets-390
*Elevator opens When the elevator opens.
Elv Close-sharedassets3.assets-404
*Elevator closes* When the elevator closes.
N/A When shutter doors close.
Elv Buzz-sharedassets2.assets-57
When the "PLAY" button appears at the bottom.
Elv Running-sharedassets2assets (1)
When the elevator is running. (unused)


Intermission Screen
Shutter Door


  1. "The school in the full game will be a towering building, and as you progress through the game's levels, you'll ride an elevator up towards the top of the school (Despite the fact levels will get bigger... Don't think about it too much. :P). So, instead of having to return to the exit to complete each level, you'll have to head back to an elevator instead. In later levels, some elevators might even end up being out of order and close on you as you approach..." - Kickstarter update #3




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