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For the music track, see Elevator Theme.

The elevator is a vertical transportation machine in Baldi's Basics Plus, used for moving the Player between floors of the Super Schoolhouse.


The elevator consists of a blue-turquoise wall, a gray tile ceiling, three cogs on the left wall, a wooden elevator door, a scale meter with four buttons: one red, one green and two blues, and a vent next to it on the left, a pot with a yellow flower with a glitched or stretched out vertex and a painting frame of a burger and french fries next to it on the right, a TV screen in the upper left-hand corner with red pipes and some gears below it, green tubes on the right with a red "POWER TUBES" text above, two rectangle screens, two alarms on both upper corners and a dark lime floor with a orange-ish brown circle.

The elevator's design before Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2.

Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2, the room was gray and yellow-ish, there were only two cogs on the left, the door was lime-green and has a "ELEVATE" text with nothing next to them. There was no "POWER" word above "TUBES", the pipes had multi-colored squares on them and the siren horns inside of the alarms were either lacking or unable to be seen. The inside of the elevator when the Player is out of it consisted of wooden textures.


Main Gameplay


Due to the fact that the Super Schoolhouse is a towering building,[1] instead of returning to the exit to win in Classic/Birthday Bash/Classic Remastered, the Player will have to head for an elevator instead to complete each level. In some or all levels, the elevator gates will close on the Player after approaching after collecting all notebooks.

Inside the elevator, there are green tubes as the Player's lives at the right and the acronym of the current level or mode on the top. A level seed is located next to the floor text. After the Player completes each level, a swinging screen (or results screen*) appears to show the results (Time, Current Grade, YTPs Earned and Total YTPs). There is also a button that appears at a certain moment. When the Player can play the current level, there will be two of them, one with a screen bar that reads "Save + Quit" to save the progress and quit (only in Hide-and-Seek), and another one that reads "Play!" to play the level, and when the Player has to decide to enter Johnny's Store or play the current floor, the screen bar says "Continue".

Each floor gets more elevators. On floor 1, there is only one elevator, on floor 2, there are two elevators, while on floor 3, there are four elevators.

The elevator first opens and closes where the Player starts the level. All elevators are opened after collecting all notebooks and the Player has to find every elevator to complete it.

All of the elevators except one in the building are closed if the Player comes close to them and a gate located in front of the elevator will close. When a gate closes, Baldi will hear the sound and go towards the Player if he knows where they are.

Endless Mode

Due to the Player's goal of collecting as many notebooks as they can before getting caught by Baldi, there is only one elevator and it always remains closed.


Other Appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash and Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered, there are no elevators. Instead, the exits are the only way out of the Schoolhouse.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, there are three elevators in the building and another one in the playground. However, none of them have the concept design. Reaching the third elevator after collecting all notebooks, the gates with the letters R, U, and N appear as the shutter when the door closes and they have green and dark red lines. It seems that this spells out RUN, encouraging the Player to escape. Baldi will slightly increase his speed until he is impossible to escape from. All the other characters also disappear at this time.
  • The swinging screen, displaying placeholder values in Kickstarter demo prior to V1.2.

    In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, before V1.2 update, the swinging screen would always display the same values.
  • In Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo, the elevator does not have the concept design like in the full game early demo.


Floor or mode Acronym
Default G
Floor 1 F1
Floor 2 F2
Floor 3 F3
Ending YAY
Endless Mode END
Speedy Challenge C1
Stealthy Challenge C2
Grapple Challenge C3


  • The updated version of the elevator was first leaked from mystman12's Twitter.[2]
    • Curiously, it was changed after this, as the left side's screen's texture was changed from rusty metal to a red, plastic-like material, a third gear was added to the left side, a vent was added under the colored buttons, a texture was added to the red light and side lump on the left side screen, a sort of gas meter was added above the colored buttons, a flower pot was added to the right side under the painting, the gradient on the seed and floor counters is different, and the wall texture and color are completely different.
  • The opening sound for the elevator was removed in the Kickstarter exclusive demo as it is not heard when starting a floor.
    • Although, it can be heard when the elevators open once all notebooks have been collected.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Before the elevator was revamped, the sound effect when the elevator door is opening or closing was (supposedly) mystman12 making sound effects with his mouth.
  • If there are other elevators placed near the elevator where the Player starts the level, then said elevators will be opened before they leave the elevator door.
  • The buzz sound effect is also used for Baldi's Math Machine when the Player inserts a wrong number balloon into it.
  • Upon starting up a game, for a few seconds the acronym "G" will appear in the elevator. "G" likely stands for "Ground Floor".
  • Prior to V0.2 update, some of the aspects were different from the current version:
    • The Anim8or basic checker texture.

      The pipes had Anim8or's basic checker texture.
    • The "Current Grade" and "Time" values on the swinging screen were placeholders. Interestingly, the grade is set as "BB+", which is short for Baldi's Basics Plus.
    • The time 99:99 is used as a placeholder for the time taken to beat the floor.
  • Prior to V0.3, there was no option to save and quit the game.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, in the pre-generated maps, the inside of the elevator when the Player got out of it still used the wooden textures. Plus, the elevator also still used the old opening and closing sounds.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, the acronym for the Stealthy Challenge and the Speedy Challenge was switched around. Also, the Endless Mode used a different acronym depending on the option and the acronym for Hide-and-Seek's ending was same as one for the third floor.
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning: Development Build
  • The gates looked completely different and there is no "OUT OF" texted paper. Plus, the sound when the gates close was the same as one for closing standard doors.


  • When the Player gets in the elevator, the mouse cursor duplicates every time when it is moved.
  • Prior to V0.2, sometimes, a fluorescent light texture was generated on the ceiling of the elevator's outside view.
  • V0.3.3 elevator in the elevator.png
    In V0.3.3, when starting a level, the interior of the elevator rotated 180 degree appeared in the middle for a brief moment. Also, in the Grapple Challenge, the doors of the elevator could close even before the Player left the elevator.


Sound Subtitle Description
N/A Elevator's main music. It will loop after the music ends.
*BUZZ* (unused) When the button with the "Play!" screen label appears at the bottom.
*Elevator opens When the elevator opens.
*Elevator closes* When the elevator closes.
*SLAM!* When a gate closes.
Quote Subtitle Description Prior Version
*Elevator opens When the elevator opens. V0.2
*Elevator closes* When the elevator closes.
Sound Subtitle Description
*Elevator noises* (unused) When the elevator is running.


Elevator (inside)
Elevator (outside)
Swinging Screen
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo

Baldi's Basics Plus
Baldi's Basics: Development Build


  1. "The school in the full game will be a towering building, and as you progress through the game's levels, you'll ride an elevator up towards the top of the school (Despite the fact levels will get bigger... Don't think about it too much. :P). So, instead of having to return to the exit to complete each level, you'll have to head back to an elevator instead. In later levels, some elevators might even end up being out of order and close on you as you approach..." - Kickstarter update #3
  2. "With all these #Nintendo #leaks happening, it makes me wonder... Can I leak my own content? Let's try it and see what happens! COUGH" - mystman12. July 24, 2020. Twitter