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For the comic strip, see Dr. Reflex (comic).

Dr. Reflex (although his name is still pending) is a character who is set to appear in Baldi's Basics Plus.


While it is unrevealed what he will actually look like in the full game, Dr. Reflex in his comic debut appeared as a human but with a weird-looking head (although mystman12 has confirmed that his head ran out of room in the comic's second panel) while sporting a buck tooth and an unusual hairstyle.

Artificial Intelligence

It has been confirmed that Dr. Reflex will follow the Player when close enough and then teleport to a specific room together, with a prompt for an input displayed. To pass his reflex test and continue progressing, the Player will need to press the displayed input quickly. Dr. Reflex will feel unhappy with the Player if they are too slow or press the wrong button, starting the challenge all over.


9fba68143412fdc246b76bf2694f541e original

Dr. Reflex's first debut.

  • Dr. Reflex first appeared in one of the comics of mystman12's old comic strip series Baldimore, where he reflex tested Baldi's knee, which resulted in the former getting an unintentional kick to the groin by the latter.
  • Dr. Reflex's AI description was first revealed in the 3rd update blog post from the game's Kickstarter campaign.[1]


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