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Doors are one of the major structures of the Baldi's Basics series, allowing access to different locations. The doors also play a crucial role for Baldi to find the player's location just by the sound of a door opening. The player can open the doors by left-clicking or touching the CursorSprite Classic.pngbutton on them.

When a door is opened, it will automatically close itself after 3 seconds. However, the door can be opened longer if interacting with it constantly.

During the flood event, every door in the Super Schoolhouse will stay open, giving the player a chance to enter any room without being heard by Baldi.

A special door type, called a swinging door, comes in a few different designs that function as obstacles.


There are six different types of standard doors: class doors, faculty doors, supplies door, Baldi door, placeholder door, and mystery door. The WD-NoSquee item can be used on the doors to make them silent, preventing them from being heard by Baldi. The Principal's Keys can be used on doors locked by Chalkles or Mrs. Pomp or during detention. The texture of the door depends on the room it leads to.

Common Doors

Only two types of common doors are found, and mostly connects to common rooms such as classrooms and faculty rooms.

Class Doors

Class doors, or blue doors, are very common and usually connect to classrooms where the player can find notebooks. All characters can open blue doors. Blue doors also connect to the Principal's Office. All class doors have number 99, the number found and heard several times.

Faculty Doors

Faculty doors appear to be wooden with the title "School Faculty Only" on it. They lead to faculty rooms where the player can find more useful items.

If the player enters or exits a faculty room near Principal of the Thing, they will get placed in detention, unless the Faculty Nametag item is in action. Unless directly entering the room, opening the front door while the Principal is there does not count as a school rule violation.

Unique Doors

The unique doors are only found connected to special or hidden rooms.

Supplies Door

A supplies door, or closet door*, is the door exclusively used on Gotta Sweep's closet. Unlike the common doors, the door knob is attached to the left, so it opens on the right side.

Mystery Door

A mystery door that is green and printed with multi-colored question marks will appear as a part of the event where the mystery room will spawn.

Baldi Door

The Baldi door, or green door, is exclusive for Baldi's Office in Baldi's Basics Classic and Birthday Bash. When opened, the opened section of the door for Baldi's Office is not transparent, and instead, distorted. The player can still pass through the door because the door collider would be still on.

Placeholder Door

A placeholder door is a blue door with a red "DOOR" text. This door is used for the debug room. Like the supplies door, the placeholder door opens on the right side.


  • All doors are not models but just 2D textures with collision; there are two textures for each door (open and closed), with the exclusion of swinging doors, which also have the locked texture, and the dark open, closed, locked, the coin door texture and the right and wrong way textures.
  • The faculty doors are created with usage of a pre-existing pattern in GIMP.[1]
  • The doors have the same image size as the Sonic's Schoolhouse door images.
  • Prior to the Kickstarter exclusive demo, each door backs' texture is the same as its front's.
  • The supplies and Baldi doors do not have dithering unlike all other door types.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Before V0.1.3 update, the door did not make a sound when NPCs such as Baldi open it.
  • Prior to V0.2, the door to the Gotta Sweep's Closet was a class door.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, the door to the Gotta Sweep's Closet in the Grapple Challenge was a placeholder door.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • There are 24 doors altogether in the original Schoolhouse.
    • However, if the door to Baldi's Office is counted, then it will be 25 in total.
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo
  • There are 14 doors in the Super Schoolhouse.


Baldi's Basics Plus
Sound Subtitle Description
*Door opens* The sound when opening the door.
*SLAM!* The sound when the door closes.
Classic/Birthday Bash
Sound Description
The sound when opening the door.
The sound when the door closes.


Classic/Birhday Bash


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